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Megan Garvey named assistant managing editor, digital

A memo to the newsroom from Editor Davan Maharaj:

I’m delighted to announce the appointment of Megan Garvey as assistant managing editor for digital, overseeing the home page, the data team and the presentation of our projects on the web.

She will be responsible for the selection and display of news and features on More broadly, she will work with journalists across the newsroom to find the most effective ways to present our journalism and connect with readers online.

With Megan’s new assignment, Tenny Tatusian will become mobile editor, overseeing the presentation of our content on portable devices, an increasingly important aspect of our operation.  With the proliferation of mobile devices, Tenny will make sure our great reporting is accessible to all our readers.
Megan and Tenny will both report to Jimmy Orr, managing editor/digital.

Megan started at The Times in the San Fernando Valley in 1998. Her first byline was on a story about too much rain: “Roofer madness.” Later that year, she transferred to Orange County, where she covered transportation. In 2000, she helped cover the Bush-Gore presidential campaign before moving to the Washington bureau.

She returned to Los Angeles in late 2001. As a general assignment reporter in Metro, Megan helped cover wildfires, train crashes and the gubernatorial recall. Her work on homicides in Compton and the early release of inmates from L.A. County jails triggered an interest in data reporting.

Megan has been a pioneer of our digital journalism. As morning assignment editor, she worked on the California War Dead database, eventually splitting her time between data projects and supervising health and county government reporters. She went on to manage a series of innovative online projects, including Mapping L.A., Crime L.A., the Homicide Report and the Los Angeles Times Teacher Ratings database.

Megan is a graduate of the University of Chicago, where she studied American history.

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