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Times ending Sunday magazine with June 3 issue

A memo from Times President Kathy K. Thomson:

Many of you have been involved in the various incarnations of The Times’ Sunday magazine--it has taken on several different titles and wonderful forms over the years. However, the entire magazine industry has been faced with a very challenging environment. We are not immune to the challenges and have made the decision that LA, Los Angeles Times Magazine will publish its final issue on June 3rd.

May_2012_coverI’d like to acknowledge Nancie Clare, Rip Georges, Mayer Rus and the entire LATM team’s excellent work and dedication these past few years. The magazine’s signature cover stories and stunning fashion photography have generated buzz among tastemakers, advertisers, readers and high-profile media outlets. LATM has garnered recognition including the RFK Center for Journalism Award for International Photography and multiple awards from the Society for News Design. Its unique juxtaposition of high and low culture and compelling mix of stories and essays has made it a definitive handbook for life in Southern California. The magazine’s website, Facebook and Twitter will remain active through the end of the June with clients, fans and followers gradually transitioned to the relevant lifestyle coverage in The Times.

We are in the process of developing a new special quarterly product focused on luxury, design, fashion and style. The publication will highlight seasonal trends and occasions with print, digital and mobile iterations intended to further enhance our feature coverage and deepen our connection with our members and advertising partners.

We also have a number of featured-related efforts underway or currently being planned, which include:

  • Saturday: advertisers and readers are increasingly embracing our go-to guide for food and dining, health and fitness and home and design. We have great feedback from our members who are connecting with the refreshing editorial tone and it is performing well financially.
  • Our fourth ebook, SoCal Close-Ups, will make our award-winning travel content available in a portable format well suited to exploration.
  • Rock/Style, our music and fashion extravaganza, enters its third year with Macy’s as its presenting sponsor and its second year at hipster hangout the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel.
  • The TASTE will further cement its Labor Day beachhead in its second year and our programming will reflect a heightened L.A.-centric “flavor” inspired by our outstanding food coverage.

Please join me in thanking the talented LATM team for their efforts and know that your continued hard work is appreciated.


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Comments (5)

It has now been 10 days since this piece was posted. The absence of comments confirms the irrelevance of the LA Times magazine. Few care about it's passing.

It isn't the magazine that is irrelevant, it is the LA Times. The ownership of the paper cares about one thing - money. This paper is a shell of its former self. They can blame the internet all they want but the fact is that the subscribers are fleeing because the content keeps shrinking and the content they keep is increasingly skewed toward a demographic that doesn't read the newspaper.

I'm an online subscriber for almost a year and had no idea this Sunday Magazine even existed. Was it my failure to explore and discover or is it a weakness in the web site design?

This magazine bombed because it was about shallow and self absorbed people. Don't want to read about these morons.

The Times they are a-changin'.

This is the backup site for The Los Angeles Times. We'll post news and information if becomes inoperable or inaccessible.

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