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Times adds editor, more reporters to Orange County bureau

A memo to the California staff from Assistant Managing Editor Ashley Dunn:

This week, Metro launched an important initiative: the reoccupation of Orange County.

Steve-marbleWith more than 3 million residents, L.A.’s neighbor to the south is an increasingly diverse area that warrants  attention.  The stereotypes of life behind the Orange Curtain no longer apply, and it’s up to us to reflect that change -- and interpret its meaning -- for our readers. Thanks to the Web, those eyes  are everywhere -- not confined by a physical circulation area.

The goal is to function as a state bureau. So the coverage will be more sweeping -- a mix of trend stories, analysis and culture pieces that say something about Orange County as well as the world beyond. And when news breaks – whether it be a salon massacre, a homeless killing spree or the all-too-familiar wildfires, we’ll be better equipped than ever to cover it.

Heading up the team is Steve Marble, whose previous stint as city editor in O.C. gives him the depth of  knowledge needed to  guide a team of talented reporters. Joining O.C. veterans Chris Goffard, Nicole Santa-Cruz and Mike Anton in the revitalized office are reporters Jeff Gottlieb, Tony Barboza and Rick Rojas.

And we hope to add more firepower in the not-too-distant future.

Photo: Steve Marble


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Wow, Times to Occupy the OC now that the OC Register is running on fumes.

I would think about resubscribing, but the LA Times still has the insufferable Jonah Goldberg on their staff. I cancelled the LA Times when they fired Robert Scheer, who had been consistently accurate, and replaced him with the odious Goldberg.

This is the backup site for The Los Angeles Times. We'll post news and information if becomes inoperable or inaccessible.

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