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Coming soon to The Times' weather page: Idyllwild


Results of an informal reader poll are in, and Idyllwild is the city that will be added to the California cities list on The Times' weather page.

The San Jacinto mountains town received about 38% of the vote, besting second-place Santa Cruz, with 29%. Corona, Lake Elsinore and Julian were the other cities in contention.

Reader Carol Fahy emailed after casting her vote, saying the addition of Idyllwild would be helpful for locals and visitors alike. "C'mon up sometime for a visit," she added. "You will really like it if you like the outdoors and  peace and quiet in nature."

AccuWeather says the change will take effect as soon as Wednesday's paper.

--Deirdre Edgar

Photo: Tent camping near Idyllwild. Credit: Myung J. Chun / Los Angeles Times


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Comments (4)

I still don't understand why Accuweather needs acknowledgement two times on the weather page. That area in the California cities section takes up 3 full lines where cities could otherwise be printed. You could include 4 of the 5 top vote-getters in your above poll (or even potentially other cities not polled) in place of that Accuweather attribution.

Will Idyllwild also be added to the Southern California map above the California cities?

Hi, Arman. The credit for AccuWeather is what's stipulated in The Times' contract with them. One mention of AccuWeather is the credit, and the other is the web address. And to your second question, no, the map isn't changing at this point. Idyllwild will just be in the California Cities list -- and it did, in fact, start running today!

For a new article on the struggle to keep Idyllwild's Strawberry Creek open to walkers, see this link:

Just came down from a beautiful visit, the creeks are full and flowers in late bloom -- but so were the No Trespassing signs!

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