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Eureka, Calif.: Feeling hot, hot, hot?

April 11, 2011 |  3:26 pm

AA8-4.11 It's not 584 degrees in Eureka.

That's what Monday's weather page reported for Sunday's high temperature in the Northern California city. It's clearly a typo, but a couple of readers had some fun reporting the error.

"According to your California Cities weather reports, Eureka has been having a hot spell for the past week, with temperatures over 500 degrees," said Martin Zacks of Altadena in an email. "The forecast always is for a cooling trend into the 50s, but each previous day is listed around 580 degrees. If your figures are correct, Eureka has the highest temperature in California, the nation, and perhaps the planet."

And Lorraine Gayer of Huntington Beach wrote, "It is hard not to believe in global warming when, according to your weather section, Eureka's Sunday high temperature was 584 degrees. Yikes."

Yikes, indeed.

The error will be corrected in the For the Record section.

-- Deirdre Edgar