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Managing Editor Sean Gallagher is leaving

Times Editor Russ Stanton sent the following note to the newsroom, announcing the departure of Managing Editor/Online Sean Gallagher:


If you’ve chatted at all with Sean Gallagher over the last couple of years, you may know that he has nurtured a strong desire to work someday in Britain to broaden his horizons. Excitingly for him and sadly for us, he has decided to act on that calling and will be leaving at the end of this month and moving to London, where he plans to expand his already formidable digital skills.

Since joining The Times in 2006 as an associate editor, Sean has made significant and too-numerous-to-count contributions to the growth and ongoing improvement of Among his many lasting achievements are overseeing the 2009 redesign of the site, helping integrate the print and Web staffs, launching our iPhone applications and expanding the Health and Business sections online.

At one time or another, and particularly in his role as managing editor, online, Sean has helped virtually everyone in the newsroom better understand the workings of the Web. He is a tireless trainer and educator, and he has excelled at finding solutions to tricky technological challenges. It is in no small part because of his efforts that the traffic and the number of visitors to have more than doubled since he joined our newsroom.


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