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Lakers chat: Bresnahan on trades, Spurs, All-Stars

Mike-brez-mug Lakers writer Mike Bresnahan will be chatting with readers at 2 p.m. Friday.

Bresnahan will break down Thursday's game vs. the Spurs, share the latest on which Lakers could be traded, and preview the upcoming All-Star game. 

Join the chat in the box below... 




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If we're talking about the Lakers, the team, from management on down, is in denial about winning a third consecutive championship. At least four of the players they traded for before and during this season never have played in an NBA final, and the others think they can coast through the season to the playoffs.

Not a chance. This will be the season of rude awakenings for a team that will have to beat the San Antonio Spurs to even have a chance. Who says they'll get past New Orleans, Oklahoma City or Dallas. Even if they made it to the finals, they'd get clobbered by Boston, who is very likely to be the opposing finals matchup.
Sorry Lakers, you've run out of genies, and the players you have on your roster can't get it done.

I think need sharpshooter for LA Lakers

The Lakers should make a trade,and just maybe they can reach the Finals. the current team can be the Spurs in 7 . Kobe won't average 16 points a game in the playoffs.

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