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Yosemite's Half Dome at sunset: Readers are curious


This striking photo by Mark Boster of Half Dome in Yosemite National Park graced the cover of Sunday's Travel section. An essay by Boster and more of his photos of the park in winter were featured inside. But it was this photo that caught the attention of several readers.

Andrew Gero of La Crescenta was one who e-mailed to ask about the configuration of the photo. As he and other readers saw it, the sun couldn't be setting behind Half Dome because this view was looking east.

"If the sunset photograph of Half Dome was taken facing west, the image of Half Dome should be on the left," Gero wrote. He wondered whether the image had been reversed for publication.

Boster replied that the photo is printed "how the camera saw it -- no tricks, no mistakes."

And he explained how he got the image. "The sunset colors are a result of light reflecting from the west sky onto the clouds and atmosphere in the east," Boster said. "Half Dome is facing correctly -- due west. Nothing was reversed or flopped."

Boster's photos of Yosemite in fall and winter have been featured in the Travel section as well as online, with images featuring all four seasons, along with a journal by Boster and the transcript of a live chat he held with readers.

-- Deirdre Edgar


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Comments (4)

This is a fine photo. As a frequent visitor to Yosemite and I former Sierra Club employee who marvelled and studied many an Ansel Adams composition, I am always amazed by the varied images of Half Dome and other Yosemite environs. Between clouds and sun position, you can be amazed as you stand there, and be amazed by what others have seen and captured. Great spot, great timing, great job.

Nice explanation.

This effect is known as alpine glow

If it was taken with film, I'd like to see the negative. If it's a digital photo, then I'd like to see the raw file.

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