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Chat with Mark Boster on photographing Yosemite


Mark_boster Mark Boster spent a year photographing the four seasons in one of his favorite places: Yosemite National Park. Those photos were published over the weekend in a gallery that showcases the park's splendor: the early blooms and rushing waterfalls of spring, the clear skies and abundant visitors of summer, the golden hues of fall, and winter's frozen beauty. "The project of my dreams," he calls it.

In fact, Boster has been photographing Yosemite his entire 35-year professional career. In Sunday's Travel section, he reminisced about childhood road trips to the park with his family. "I've never broken the Yosemite habit," he wrote.

Boster will be chatting with readers on Tuesday at 11 a.m. about the project and his photos. Come back to to ask him your questions.


Photo: Mirror Lake reflects Mt. Watkins and the nearby fall foliage. Credit: Mark Boster / Los Angeles Times


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Comments (2)

I just returned from my first trip to Yosemite and I must admit, it was different than I expected.
First of all, let me say that we only had day to really see the Valley. This was more of a primer trip to get an idea of what the park was like. I didn't realize it would be as crowded as it was...not that we had problems parking, just more people than we expected. My biggest complaint would have to be the road construction. The main (only) road that runs from the southern portion of the park to the Valley area was being shut down for 25-30 minutes at a time, causing back-ups and lengthy delays. With limited time, this was very frustrating.
However, after traveling on Glacier Point road to the end, the view of Half-Dome is awe-inspiring. Words and pictures cannot convey the spectacle of the view. Maybe one of the most beautiful views I've ever had the pleasure of witnessing.
The view of the Valley from the tunnel exit is equally impressive, but my favorite spot was at the base of El Capitan. To stand at the base and look up at the massive monolith was truly incredible. I had waited my whole life to see this and was not disappointed.
Finally, the Mariposa Grove area in the southern part of the park was a great side trip that was easily accessible. Some of the sequoias there are some of the biggest and oldest trees on the planet.
I can't wait to visit again, especially knowing some of challenges the park presents to first time visitors. Wonderful place.

Dear Mark,
Great article & photos of Yosemite. For a"dyslexic" you sure write well.
I too have a special place in my heart for Yosemite as I lived in the Valley from 1958 til 1970 & then work for a couple of summers and 16 memorable months in 1971-2 My father was the park engineer, in charge of roads, trails, water, sewer and all other utilities. He is still alive & we are often treated to a new yarn about life in Yosemite before the big commercialization took place.
I graduated from Yosemite Elementary School in 1965, my sister was born in the Yosemite Medical Clinic--shoot I could go on and on. Let me know the next time you plan on visiting the park, I could buy you a beer at ther Lodge & let you in on some insider info--just think, you were camping there when I lived at the foot of Yosemite Falls! Again, thanks for the wonderful article & maybe we'll meet in the Valley sometime!
Tom Allcock, Ahwahnee( north of Oakhurst) California

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