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Pacific Time podcast: Mercurial markets; dispatches from the Gulf of Mexico region, Pakistan, Sacramento, San Diego; and a little 'Iron Man 2'

May 7, 2010 | 12:04 pm

In this week's edition of Pacific Time:

PacificTime_300x300 Business columnist Tom Petruno talks a bit about the European impact on our mercurial stock market.

Video journalist Sachi Cunningham has been filing dispatches from the oil-slicked Gulf of Mexico region. You can hear an excerpt from her videos. Earlier this week, our colleagues at WGN spoke with L.A. Times reporter Alex Rodriguez in Karachi about an emerging link between last weekend’s Times Square bomb attempt and a Pakistani militant group.

Back home, it could get tougher to be a teen in California. Reporter Patrick McGreevy in our Sacramento bureau gives a preview of proposed regulations to be discussed in the state capital next week. From San Diego, reporter Tony Perry tells the tale of a brewing battle over brush clearance between a Rasta man and the tax man.

And finally, we get our geek on by chatting with the Los Angeles Times' king of comic book lore, Geoff Boucher, about "Iron Man 2,"  in theaters Friday.

Listen to this week's episode by clicking below, or subscribe here.