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Baptist and American, but not American Baptists

An editorial in Tuesday’s Times begins, “The 10 American Baptist missionaries arrested on charges of abducting children from earthquake-ravaged Haiti had circulated fliers promising to give orphans … a better life in the Dominican Republic.”

The missionaries arrested Feb. 4 are from a Baptist church in Idaho, and they are Americans. However, as Sandra Rogers of the First Baptist Church of Los Angeles points out, they are not American Baptists.

American Baptist is “a title belonging to the churches who are part of the American Baptist Churches USA based in Valley Forge, Pa.,” Rogers wrote.

First Baptist Church of L.A. is part of this denomination; the arrested missionaries’ church, Central Valley Baptist Church in Meridian, Idaho, is not.

Editorial Pages Editor Nicholas Goldberg said that although the editorial did not say the missionaries were part of American Baptist Churches USA, he could see Rogers’ point.

--Deirdre Edgar

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This is yet another example of elite Christians separating themselves to create a hierarchy of worthiness. Jesus never made a distinction among believers of who is more elite, which denomination is mightier and holier, etc. When a Brother fell, He was there to pick him up, dust off the dirt, rebuke in love if necessary, and provide encouragement. He did not distance Himself, not even to Judas the Traitor. Instead of you Brethren coming in support of other Brethren who obviously made mistakes, (and undoubtedly will learn from them), we have what seems the entire variable of the Baptist Nation standing up to say "They don't belong to us". How ridiculous, sad, unbrotherly and unChristian of you! There's a reason why Jesus says the last shall be first and the first shall be last, and you exemplify it to a "T". You people are hypocrites of the worst kind!

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