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Steven Zeitchik: reporter -- Entertainment

Here's the announcement to the staff from Sallie Hofmeister, assistant managing editor; and Craig Turner, arts and entertainment editor:

We are pleased to announce that Steven Zeitchik is joining The Times’ entertainment team as a reporter and blogger assigned to cover the movie industry.

Steven, a resourceful, creative and collaborative journalist, comes to The Times from the Hollywood Reporter, where he was a regular front-page presence, writing about studio business and the independent film scene with expertise and aplomb. In addition to his work on breaking news and feature articles, Steven also anchored the Reporter’s popular Risky Business movie blog, revealing himself to be a film omnivore with an inexhaustible work ethic, writing knowledgeably about such divergent topics as the talents of Sidney Lumet, the cult of Megan Fox and the latest cliffhanger in the Weinstein Co. saga.
Previous to his tenure at the Reporter, Steven worked for more than two years as a staff writer at Daily Variety. And before his tour of duty in Hollywood, he worked for Publishers Weekly in New York and as an Associated Press correspondent reporting on conflict and politics in the Middle East from Jerusalem and the West Bank.  He also lived and worked in Berlin while on a journalism fellowship in 2003.

His work covering media, business, travel and culture also has appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the Washington Post and the New York Times.
Steven received a master’s degree in journalism from Columbia University and graduated cum laude from New York’s Yeshiva University.  He has enjoyed a bi-coastal existence up until this point, splitting time between New York and Los Angeles, but he will move to Southern California full time for his new position (which, he is convinced, will only help his tennis game).
Steven will be seated next to Chris Lee and report to movie editor Tim Swanson when he arrives in November. Please help us welcome him.

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