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(Even) more Qs & A's on the revamped

August 19, 2009 |  2:22 pm

Between comments published on the initial and follow-up posts on this journal about the redesign, and e-mails sent to the readers’ representative office, almost 900 notes have come to praise or heckle the revamped, some three-quarters of those responding saying they like the changes.

Meredith Artley, Managing Editor, Online, addressed several often-asked questions last Thursday. Two of those questions have persisted: Why did the “print edition” option disappear, and “where is California news?” More information on those and other questions readers have asked over the last few days is below.

• Where is California news?
That question comes in still, even after Artley answered Thursday to say that “by clicking ‘Local’ in the navigation bar ... you will find continuous coverage there, including our breaking news blog, LA Now, other daily coverage and recent special projects.”

Reader Wayne Dernetz is one who probed more: “But that says nothing about coverage of state political news. Is the L.A. Times cutting back on its Sacramento Bureau?  Egads, I hope not.”  The response from Assistant Managing Editor, California, David Lauter: “You can reassure readers on the state news issue, and particularly the reader who asked about Sacramento: The Times recently added another reporter to our Sacramento bureau, and we have plans to expand the bureau further in the fall as we continue to ensure that we provide our readers -- in print and online -- with the best, timeliest and most authoritative coverage of California government and politics. We've grouped all that coverage as part of "local" because California's local and state institutions are so intertwined.”

• Add more space to the left margin!
Editors say they’ll be adding more space to the left margin.

• Bring back the single-page button.
Readers have asked, editors have answered: The option to read a story on one page is coming back as soon as possible.

• I don’t like having to resize the font every time I change pages.
A number of readers have made this clear; editors are working on possible solutions.

• I’m having trouble finding one place to go to find out what’s in the print edition. Did that link disappear?

The “print edition” option as it existed doesn’t exist anymore, and editors aren’t planning on bringing it back. As online editors put it, it was a form of organizing the news -- by print section -- that doesn’t work as well online.

As the information at explains, almost all articles from the print edition of the Los Angeles Times do appear at Subscribers to the print edition are able to sign up for the e-edition for free. (And in any case, the front-page PDF is free, at the link above). You can find more information about the e-edition at

• Two Sports questions

Please provide a link for major-league soccer.

OK, readers asking for a link to MLS didn't always say "please."

Sports Editor Mike James says that even before the redesign, there wasn’t a separate MLS listing for Sports. Says James: “We have a listing for the Galaxy, one for Chivas USA, and one for Soccer. All of which go to the soccer page, which incorporates those teams, MLS news and international soccer news.”

James says that editors are working on the horizontal navigation bar at the top of the page; space limitations mean editors are juggling what ultimately will end up there. For now, the link to soccer is located in the More Topics box in the right-hand column beneath the scoreboard and ad.

Where is the daily TV sports schedule?
It's been fixed since the question first came in. From Sports editors: “The TV Listing, or daily highlights as we call it, is now in the More Topics box in the right rail, below the Scoreboard and Cube Ad."

• Where can I find Column One?
To get to Column One, click on "Site Map" at the bottom of the homepage. You’ll find the link for Column One in the left column of the Site Map page. Here is a quick link:
• The “My News” feature – where did it go?
It was, relatively speaking, very rarely used, and has been discontinued. (Editors weren’t keeping it updated recently and actually were surprised to hear from a few readers on this feature.)

• Where can I find Fry’s, or garage sales, or other newspaper ads?
Display ads can be found in the print ad section, which is accessible from the site map (a link to which can be found lower right on the homepage,  just above the ink splotch):

To search for classified ads (garage sales, pets, etc.), readers should click on “More Classified” at the very top right.  That gets them to the classified search page.