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Weather page updates

July 7, 2009 |  4:46 pm

Since the change Sunday that took the weather page down to a half-page, about two dozen readers have sent e-mails and called to comment. Here is a summary of the suggestions:

Bring back various cities.

Editors are considering readers' requests to reinstate certain cities (though adding one means another will have to be removed).

  • For readers bemoaning the loss of Colorado Springs, Colo., in the listings, editors note that the city is between two cities still listed (Denver and Pueblo) and say Colorado Springs’ temperatures aren’t too far off from those cities.
  • Mission Viejo is still on the map, though not on the list; editors say they’ll add it to the list again (making it one of the few cities that is on both the list and map).

Bring back the daily high-low precipitation column in the U.S. and World lists.

  • The list of California cities still shows information for yesterday, today and tomorrow, but  U.S. and World lists now show only today and tomorrow. Editors cut the “yesterday” column figuring Southern California travelers would rather know what to expect on the day they arrive than what happened the day before. They’re thinking of resurrecting the column of information (but it would mean the loss of the forecast information for tomorrow.)

Font size:

  • Some say the typeface is too small, but one reader thought fonts should be made smaller to fit in more text. Graphics editor Les Dunseith says that the font sizes are the same as before. (And the text for the listings section is the smallest option available.)

More changes based on readers' requests

  • “I think we may be able to squeeze Ventura County sunrise/moonrise info back onto the page,” says Dunseith. “We also think we’ve figured out a way to fit tiny versions of the phases of the moon on the page.”

These tweaks and other fixes based on readers' suggestions should start showing up in the paper within the next few days. Editors can be reached at