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Winning heads and minds: Times wins headline award

May 8, 2009 |  5:49 pm

Here's an excerpt of the note from Assistant Managing Editor Henry Fuhrmann to the staff,  announcing a national headline award. (As an earlier post on the readers' rep journal explained, headlines online sometimes differ from those in print, so not all stories linked below carry the award-winning headlines.)


The Times has won the headline writers of the year award from the American Copy Editors Society. The judges recognized our team entry for “consistently excellent heads in tight counts, heads that drew readers in and made them want to read the story.”

Further: “Their readouts did more than inform; they continued the brightness that made the stories under them appealing.”

A list of the editors and their headlines follows (here's a link to see the work in published form).

Again, we offer our thanks and congratulations to all involved:

Laura Dominick:

Change, meet crisis
A frail economy and widening budget deficit
may hinder Obama’s ambitious spending agenda.

Jim LaVally:

A strong voice for planned parroting
Mira Tweti’s lorikeet is living the good life -- ocean view,
personal chef. Still, the owner advocates leaving such birds in the wild.

Eldes Tran:

Parents’ despair is left
at Nebraska’s doorstep
35 children have been abandoned
in the state. It’s a cry for help

David Shear:

‘Fly’ commits insecticide
Opera review: David Cronenberg and Howard Shore turn
their film into a dreary, monotonous creature.

Rich Nelson:

These days, not even sex sells
At Donna’s Ranch, a brothel in Wells, Nev., the ailing
economy has taken the work away from the working girls.

Jennifer Karmon:

How many calories are in that Big Apple?
A N.Y. law requires bigger chains’
menus to list numbers. Gulp

Jessica Parks (as Fuhrmann notes, this was a small space for a headline on a Steve Lopez column):

L.A.’s hitchhike rating: 2 thumbs  down

Rachel Dunn (for a story on faked photos of a rare South China tiger)

A rare tiger, foxy public and
possible scapegoat in China

Ed Silver:

Engineers shun the razor, hope for an edge
Some at software firm vow to stay stubbly until a product launch.

Amy Hubbard (for a Travel story on dealing with lost luggage):

Wish you were here, suitcase