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"Luann" comic strip starts five-week run

Luann_and_puddles As a post on this journal noted in early October, one spot on the comics pages is serving as a place to test-drive comic strips that might replace "For Better or for Worse," whose author semi-retired in August.  Here's a note that appears in the Calendar section today:

To Our Readers
“Luann” joins Calendar today, one of the comics we’re letting readers sample as a possible replacement for “For Better or for Worse,” which is now in reruns. Through Dec. 14, we will run “Luann,” by Greg Evans. After that we’ll sample one or two more comics, then we’ll make a selection. Please send comments to
comics (at)

Here's the post from August when the "For Better or for Worse" announcement was first made.

Luann (and Puddles) courtesy United Features Syndicate.

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Comments (37)

I love Luann--it needs to stay! Between Friends was horrible--I did not like at all. I have been waiting for Luann to show up in your paper and I was so happy to see it there this morning--thank you!!

What a great strip. I hope the LA Times picks this comic to replace that old and worn out For Better or For Worse!

Although I was an avid fan of For Better or For Worse I am happy to move on in order to read more up-to-date comics. I vote for Luann and the most recently run comic (name I forget).

Luann is good. But "Overboard" is better!! Please run that one.

Hated "Between Friends." "Luann" is great, but newspaper readers in the South Bay already have it in the Daily Breeze. I vote to keep the old "For Better or for Worse" (who remembers strips from 25+ years ago?!?) or add "Pickles" -- an absolute hoot!

I love the strip Luann! I think it is relavant to where my kids are at also and they enjoy reading the comics too.

I like Between Friends because it deals with situations every woman has to face. I like LOL funny, but I want my dose of reality, too. By the way, Chickweed Lane jumped the shark by devoting a whole week of strips to Edda and Amos having sex - boring. Keep that "off camera" and bring back Seth and the cat.


I love LUANN. There's no contest. We want LUANN!

I vote for Luanne! Luann's the best!

There's nothing great about either Between Friends or Luann. They're both very safe and very boring. How about something a bit edgier? I'm not sure what, but I'm hoping that the next strip(s) will offer a bit of variety.

Luann is a keeper. Please replace For Better or For Worse. Also, please add Beetle Bailey, Garfield, and Hi & Lois back to the lineup. I miss reading them in the Times. Maybe some of the political strips can be moved to the opinion section (similar to when Dilbert was placed in the business section).

I have been reading the Times comics for over 30 years. I don't know how you choose a strip but it must not be by reading them first. Between Friends is just awful.
Luann use to be in this paper and it's better that what you tried so far.
And while I'm at it has anyone ever in the history of time actually laughed at Ballard Street? That strip is just not funny.
Bring back Mother Goose. That is one clever cartoon strip. Or Garfield. Why did you cut those?
You may as well get rid of Prickly City, La Cucaracha and Candorville while your at it. They suck.

Luann is clearly the best choice! Go Luann!

Why is the LATimes showing old Luann strips? The ones running in the paper are not current.

They must be going for the 'green' votes on this one. I'm all for 'green', but the series being shown is not the best of Luann.

I still say bring in Arlo 'n' Janis.

Luann is a perfect replacement for Better or Worse: a beautifully-drawn strip with a great big heart! Talented, creative and above all funny. neither artist is afraid to take on controversial issues confronting families on an every day basis. Luann would be an asset to the L.A. Times comic line-up.

Of the choices we have been given, Luann is definitely the best. However, I'd vote for Pooch Cafe, on the edgier side. It's the most consistently funny strip that is not in the LA Times. I wouldn't mind Pickles either.

I LOVE "For Better or For Worse" and would be happy to enjoy the retrospective version. The characters are great and the humor is wonderful! I also like "Luann" but we have that comic in The Orange County Register. I found "Between Friends" depressing--we have enough of that in the news section.

I've loved "Luann" for years in the Orange County Register, but the earliest ones are not the best in humor or in illustration. The Register's comics are funnier. Try adding my other favorites: "Mother Goose and Grimm", "Herman", "Tina's Groove", "Ballard Street", and "Zits". I have taken both papers, but LA Times' Comics needs revamping.

I love the LuAnn strip. It is all about real life situations and at the same time, very entertaining and funny. Many tears have been shed while reading! Keep it permanent.

Luann is a great strip that would be a wonderful addition to the Times' comics page. Frankly, I never understood why you never carried it in the first place.

Luann is PAINFULLY unfunny. Like one of those drug trials, it should be ended early to avoid unnecessary harm to the participants. Make it STOP!

I have read Luann in other newspapers. It takes a few weeks to get involved in it. Once you do get involved, you will enjoy the humor.

I don't really like "For Better or For Worse" much, but "Luann" is terrible. "Between Friends" is a better choice but also not exciting. "Boondocks" would be my vote; it's funny and edgy. "Chickwweed Lane" did jump the shark. "Mother Goose and Grimm", "Garfield", classic "Far Side" or "Calvin and Hobbs"... any of these would be better than the soap opera comics that move at a snail's pace.

Luann is the best choice to replace For Better or for Worse. I have been reading LA Times comics since 1968. But I've been having to borrow neighbors Press Enterprise to read Luann. I agree with another comment that you need to revamp your comics. Send out a survey to list favorites so readers have a choice! Thank you!

PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE bring back 'for better or for worse'--not only do I enjoy seeing old friends, but it provides at least one place in the comics that I can share and encourage my grandchildren to enjoy and actually learn from gentle humor and loving relationships---there is 'edginess' aplenty everywhere else.

For Better for Worse used to be funny when it first started, but for the last few years it just became stale and weird and boring. PLEASE don't make us live through it again!

I like Luann (but the current ones, not the really old ones you are running now). How about carrying "My Cage" or "Buckles" or "Fred Bassett"? Now those are funny!

LUANN is painfully awful to read. Ballard Street is even worse. Overboard is a great choice, though anything that is actually funny would suffice.

I must put my voice in for "For Better or For Worse".
The characters are long term friends. It's a classic and great strip.

But "Luann" is enjoyable also. And "Between Friends' looked like it could be OK.


These tend to speak to the same demographics.

Maybe you should take a vote and see who and how many are actually reading what.

Oh, Please bring back FBOW!

I liked Between Friends. I hope that's the strip that will replace For Better or For Worse. I hate Luann and can't wait till there's something new.

I've been reading the comics that you are proposing to replace "For Better or Worse" with and they just aren't as good as "For Better or Worse." "Luann" is not funny, not even a little, and "Between Friends" is downright depressing. "For Better or Worse," is intelligent and humorous. Search no more.

Please keep Luann! I've been reading it since I was a teenager, and since the LA Times doesn't carry it, I have to read it online. I have a few of the books in my classroom, and my Jr. High kids also can't get enough of it, both boys and girls!

Of all the comics that you have tried so far as a replacement for "For Better or For Worse", I like Luann the best.

I prefer "For Better or for Worse", but since it is gone I vote for Luann to replace it.

This is bland and uninspired/.

When I changed from my local paper the the LA Times I missed Luann. Please add it.

Please -- anything but Luann. Bad art ... cloying writing ... stereotypes everywhere.

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