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Donna Frazier becomes executive editor of Image

August 25, 2008 | 12:02 pm

Associate Editor Leo Wolinsky's memo to staff:

I’m happy to announce that Donna Frazier has joined the Image staff as its executive editor.  In this newly created position, Donna will share responsibility for the section with Booth Moore, its founding editor and fashion critic.

This is part of an effort to add more firepower to the section and continue to expand its coverage to a variety of areas that fall under the topic of self-image—from fashion to personal relationships; from the psychology of self to the concept of inner beauty.

Donna is a longtime veteran of the Times, having begun here in 1987 at the Los Angeles Times Magazine. She left in 1995, moved to Harlem with an artist and spent the next six years co-writing self-help books and memoirs. She married the artist and returned to Los Angeles and the Times in 2001, lured by the promise of a new day at the paper—the arrival of Tribune Co.

Since then, she’s been an assigning editor in the Southern California Living section, deputy editor of Sunday Calendar and, briefly, on loan as an editor once more at the magazine. Through all this, she has worked with some of the paper’s best writers.

In explaining her interest in the Image section, Donna notes that while not everyone is interested in fashion, most are fascinated with their image, which is what the section is, at its core, all about.

She says her personal fascination with image dates to her 4th grade stint in the Montgomery Ward Charm School, of which she is an honors graduate. She is also a graduate of the University of Colorado and Columbia University and held previous posts at the Des Moines Tribune, the Buffalo Courier Express, Rocky Mountain News and the Seattle Times.