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Managing editor's note recognizes Times' 2003 coverage of Stevens

Here's the message from Davan Maharaj, sent July 30:


The indictment of Alaska Sen. Ted Stevens received front page treatment in all the top papers today. Lost in all the hoopla was the fact that the federal investigation was sparked by great journalism from our DC bureau. Here's a link to Chuck Neubauer's story that ran in 2003.

It shows that our journalism is continuing to have wide impact.


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Comments (5)

With all of the cuts in news personnel now occurring at the Times, we can assume that the reporting, of which you so rightly boast, will be a thing of the past.

I don't think you need to remind people that journalism has a tremendous impact -- whether it's negative is a whole other story.

This letter should be blown up, laminated and sent out to Sam Zell, the only guy that needs reminding.

I don't think they call this biz the fourth branch of the government for nothing.

As the two comments posted here earlier demonstrate, we readers know we are witnessing the steady dismantling and destruction of what once was a great newspaper. All we can do is protest and, perhaps naively, hope for the miraculous intervention of some local financial powers who recognize that decisions about how the Los Angeles Times is operated ought to take into account that a newspaper is more than just a business.

I can only presume that the LA Times' fine senatorial investigative work will extend to Sen. Edwards. That is, once the LA Times' news blackout on the story that unfolded in its own local zone is lifted...

Couldn't the Times save money by firing Jonah Goldberg and Micky Ramirez? I promise you they will not be missed.

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