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Changes in The Guide, Home section

July 24, 2008 |  5:00 am

Two sections that have been published in print on Thursdays today announce some changes, with one of them ending its run in the print edition.

Those changes are part of the cost-cutting reported in a July 3 news article that told of layoffs and also noted, "In a further cost-cutting step, the newspaper will reduce the number of pages it publishes each week by 15%."

Today's Guide includes this note:

CALLING ALL READERS: This is the last print issue of The Guide. Turn to daily Calendar for highlights from The Guide starting July 31. So what will you do with your life? Meet The Guide online anytime for listings and picks of what’s happening at

Editors also used its Underrated/Overrated column to talk about the change:

Since we overrated ourselves in our first issue last year, we figured we’d “underrate” The Guide here in our final standalone issue. Well-rounded, deftly curated, geographically diverse, concise and yet packed with information and events you won’t find anywhere else, The Guide was a place you could find the unexpected, and then take it with you to the beach. Highlights of The Guide will continue in daily Calendar, but chances are you’ll miss us.

OK, so we’re a little melancholy about not having our own section in the paper anymore, but in all honesty, the Web is the place to be. Luckily for us, we’re already there ( And we’re only getting better. Expect more online stories, more photos, more videos. It’s a new world — and we’ll be your Guide.

Though the standalone section is discontinued after today, many of its features and some listings will appear throughout the week in daily Calendar and the weekly Food section. Comprehensive listings will continue to appear online.

The Home section announces changes in this note to readers in today's paper:

We’re moving! Starting next week, the Home section will appear on Saturdays. You’ll still find your favorite columns, including “The Scout” and “Man of the House,” as well as new features for do-it-yourselfers, bargain-hunters and market-watchers. Look for it all, in print and online, Aug. 2.

For information on other cuts, see these earlier postings: Changes in Sports and motoring coverage; and Highway 1.