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New eyewear allows for hands-free video recording

50000 ikam Time for a new pair of sunglasses? You might want to check out i-Kam Xtreme eyewear, which allows the wearer to be their own videographer.

That's because each pair features a built-in video recording device, allowing for hands-free recording of your latest outdoor adventure. Be it hunting, fishing, skiing or even a ballgame, outdoor enthusiasts of all types have an easy way to record what they see, and play it back later for future enjoyment.

With no cords or battery packs required, the glasses have a digital camera incorporated into the frame, offering 4GB of built-in memory for up to 3 hours of recording, plus an integral microphone to capture all the sounds to go along with the video. The eyewear  will also accept a Micro SD card for an additional 8 GB of memory. 

The glasses can be hooked directly to a PC or Mac with the supplied USB cable to view video. When using a Micro SD card, it can be inserted into a card reader to watch footage.

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Energizer introduces line of solar-powered outdoor gear

Energizer Solar Lights Environmentally-friendly products and services seem to be everywhere these days. Energizer is joining the market, introducing a new line of solar-powered lighting options.

Debuting this spring will be a solar folding lantern (pictured), a solar spot light and a solar crank flashlight, all harnessing sun-power to light up the night. 

-- The solar folding lantern is a portable lantern that uses the latest solar technology to charge in all conditions, including overcast days and early mornings. Powerful enough to light a campsite, this lantern can also be powered by three D-size alkaline batteries. Five hours of charging in the sun will provide 2.5 hours of run-time; batteries will provide 135 hours.

-- The solar crank flashlight offers two powering options -- solar or crank -- and includes lifetime LEDs. Small enough to clip to backpacks or other gear, this flashlight also has the ability to charge even in low light. Five hours of sun-charging will provide 2.5 hours light-time.

-- The solar spot light is a hybrid-powered flashlight that can be recharged via solar power or DC power from the included car cigarette lighter adapter. This flashlight also floats, making it ideal for any water-based activities. Three hours of run-time achieved with five hours of charging it in the sun.

Products should be available beginning in early May at Target and Meijer stores. I might look into purchasing the solar-folding lantern, which seems not only useful when camping but also something worth adding to the emergency supplies.

-- Kelly Burgess

Photo: Solar folding lantern. Credit: Energizer

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Zippo adds new products to its outdoor line

44001_StarterOpenZippo, the company best known for it's metal-case lighters, recently expanded its offerings and has introduced some "hot" new products with the outdoor enthusiast in mind.

The Emergency Fire Starter (pictured), Flexible Neck Utility Lighter and Campfire Starter join the already released Windproof Lighter, Outdoor Utility Lighter and popular Hand Warmer.

-- The campfire starter is a blend of compressed cedar sawdust and wax made of all natural, recycled material. The easy-to-pack block separates into four sections and is meant to alight even in the wettest conditions.

-- The emergency fire starter is a water-resistant, easy-to-carry kit that contains waxed, rayon tinder sticks and a flint wheel for quickly igniting and starting a fire.

-- The utility lighter seems good for lighting anything around camp, be it a camp stove, barbecue or lantern. With rugged metal construction, wind-resistant dual-flame technology, adjustable flame and flexible extended neck, this lighter also could be useful at home for lighting tiki torches, barbecues or even gas ranges and water heaters.

The new products are still being rolled out in retail stores, so the best bet for anyone who wants to purchase any of these items is via the Zippo website.

-- Kelly Burgess

Photo: Emergency Fire Starter. Credit: Zippo

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Does color matter when buying outdoor gear?

Remington Model 597 pink camo rifle
Does color -- specifically pink -- affect decisions on which equipment hunters and anglers of both genders  purchase?

A survey conducted by Southwick Associates on AnglerSurvey.com and HunterSurvey.com shows that while color has some importance, quality is key.

Anglers of both sexes preferred black, with 52% of men and 38% of women selecting this color. Sixteen percent of women preferred pink, and 30% overall do not factor color into their purchasing decision. The lowest preferences were reflected in brighter colors such as orange and yellow.

Hunters and target shooters said that the most popular color scheme was camouflage, with 62% of males and 60% of females chiming in with this preference. Other popular colors included black, green and brown, with pink getting 15.4% of women's votes. Again, the lowest preference for both genders included brighter colors -- white, yellow and multicolored. Thirty percent overall did not factor in color when buying firearms and related equipment.

Asked if offering pink outdoor gear is a condescending way to market to women (outside of that offered to promote breast cancer awareness), half the women who took the angler survey believe it is, while 46% of men thought so. Of hunters, 47% of surveyed women find it condescending while 42% of men believe that.

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