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BMX rider Jed Mildon lands first-ever triple back flip

Jed Mildon made sporting history Saturday, becoming the first BMX rider to land a triple back flip.

"This is the perfect result to three intensive months of practicing and training for this moment," said Mildon, 24, who completed the stunt at the Unit T3 Mindtricks BMX Jam, an exhibition event in Mildon's hometown of Taupo, New Zealand.

Among the estimated 2,000 spectators was a Guinness World Records representative, on hand
to witness and certify the groundbreaking stunt.

"The impact and implications hasn’t sunken in yet, but I’m so pumped to have aimed for something once deemed impossible and made my dream a reality," Mildon said. "Once I was in the air, it felt like time stood still and I could see each rotation perfectly.

"Landing with both wheels on the down ramp was the most amazing feeling in the world!”

-- Kelly Burgess

Video credit: YouTube

BMX rider TJ Lavin regains consciousness, undergoes surgery on wrist

Lavin2BMX athlete TJ Lavin, who regained consciousness Saturday, underwent surgery Wednesday to stabilize his broken wrist.

"TJ is out of surgery and looking great. Everything went well," Lavin's friend, Cesar Flores told ESPN.com.

Lavin, 33, was critically injured when he crashed  Oct. 14 during qualifying at the Dew Tour Championships in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas native suffered bleeding on the brain, a broken wrist and an orbital fracture.

Lavin has made significant progress in his recovery since emerging from a medically induced coma to reduce swelling in his brain. As of Wednesday, Lavin was talking, answering questions and able to walk down the hall with assistance.

To help raise funds for Lavin's recovery, friend and fellow BMX rider Tim "Fuzzy" Hall is auctioning off a vintage Mongoose BMX bike on eBay, with all proceeds being donated toward both Lavin's and Ty Pinney's recovery. Pinney, also from Las Vegas, crashed on Lavin's backyard BMX dirt course the day before Lavin's accident. Pinney was placed in a medically induced coma and is five beds away from Lavin in the trauma unit of the University Medical Center in Las Vegas.

"There is going to be a huge tribute/fundraiser for both riders Nov. 19 in Vegas at the Hard Rock Hotel. I would like to have the bike sold to the highest bidder by then and announce the winner that night," Hall said.

-- Kelly Burgess

Photo: TJ Lavin. Credit: Dew Tour


BMX athlete TJ Lavin remains unconscious but reportedly breathing on his own

BMX rider TJ Lavin remains in medically induced coma at Las Vegas hospital

BMX star TJ Lavin in critical condition after accident during Dew Tour event qualifying

BMX athlete TJ Lavin remains unconscious but reportedly breathing on his own

Lavin1 BMX rider TJ Lavin remains unconscious at University Medical Center but has shown minor signs of improvement, including breathing on his own after doctors removed his breathing tube.

"They took his ventilator off, but he still hasn't woken up. He is breathing on his own," Lavin's friend, Cesar Flores, told ESPN.com on Thursday morning.

On Wednesday, Lavin reportedly showed some signs of gaining consciousness. "TJ slightly opened his left eye, then opened both eyes for five seconds. He squeezed my hand and wouldn't let go," added Flores.

Lavin, 33, was critically injured after crashing Thursday during qualifying at the Dew Tour Championships in Las Vegas. The Las Vegas native suffered bleeding on the brain, a broken wrist and an orbital fracture and has remained unconscious in a medically induced coma to reduce swelling in his brain.

"He's having a hard time waking up. Twenty-four hours and we will be out of the woods if all goes well," added Lavin's mother, Barbara.

-- Kelly Burgess

Photo: TJ Lavin competes at X Games 10 in 2004. Credit: Pete Demos / Shazamm/ESPN Images


BMX rider TJ Lavin remains in medically induced coma at Las Vegas hospital

BMX star TJ Lavin in critical condition after accident during Dew Tour event qualifying

BMX rider TJ Lavin remains in medically induced coma at Las Vegas hospital

Lavin BMX athlete TJ Lavin remains in a Las Vegas hospital following an accident during qualifying at the Dew Tour Championships on Thursday which left him critically injured.

ESPN.com reported Monday that Lavin is in a medically induced coma at University Medical Center but was able to move his hands early Saturday.

A text message sent Saturday by Lavin's mother, Barbara, to her son's friend and Dew Tour BMX course builder Tim Hall said: "Neuro came and spoke to TJ. He moved his hands around and he gave the docs a thumbs-up. He is not conscious. He's back on sedation to rest and minimize brain swelling."

A Dew Tour spokeswoman said that, Lavin, 33, was wearing a helmet when the accident happened Thursday night. Lavin was attempting a maneuver that entailed becoming temporarily unseated from his bicycle, failed to get his feet back on the pedals before landing and was knocked unconscious on impact.

The Las Vegas native sustained brain injuries, an orbital fracture on his eye and a fractured right wrist. Contrary to earlier reports, Lavin did not suffer any broken ribs.

"TJ is an important member of the Dew Tour family -- the Tour, athletes and the action sports industry are all keeping him in our thoughts and prayers," Dew Tour officials said in a statement.

-- Kelly Burgess

Photo: TJ Lavin appears on stage at an MTV event. Credit: Stephen Lovekin / Getty Images


BMX star TJ Lavin in critical condition after accident during Dew Tour event qualifying


BMX star TJ Lavin in critical condition after accident during Dew Tour event qualifying

Lavin2 BMX athlete TJ Lavin is in critical condition following an accident during qualifying rounds of the Dew Tour Championships in Las Vegas.

Pete Thomas Outdoors reports that Lavin, 33, was soaring high over a dirt ramp during prelims Thursday night and was attempting a difficult maneuver that entailed becoming temporarily unseated from his bicycle. He failed to get his feet back on the pedals before landing on the downslope, became separated from the bike just before impact and was knocked unconscious.

Lavin, a Las Vegas native, was transported to University Medical Center and also was said to have suffered broken ribs and a broken right wrist. A hospital spokeswoman would not confirm Lavin's injuries nor elaborate on his condition when reached Friday morning, but said it remained critical.

In addition to the Dew Tour, Lavin is known as a past X Games champion as well as host of MTV's Real World/Road Rules Challenge.

-- Kelly Burgess

Photo: TJ Lavin. Credit: Dew Tour

Gatorade Free Flow Tour comes to Perris on Saturday

James Foster competing in BMX dirt competition at the 2009 Dew Tour Toyota Challenge.

The Gatorade Free Flow Tour will be hitting the Compound action sports ramp park in Perris, Calif., on Saturday, bringing its BMX competition -- including the Tour's first BMX dirt event -- to Southern California, all with no admission charge.

And for those younger than 21 who want to do more than watch, registration is open for male and female amateurs in BMX park and dirt disciplines, with a chance to earn a trip to compete in the Gatorade Free Flow Tour Finals, held at the Dew Tour’s Toyota Challenge, and advance to a spot competing against the pros at the Dew Tour Championships, Oct. 14-17 at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

There is a $15 entry fee, and all participants younger than 18 must bring a parent or guardian to the event to sign a liability waiver. Registration can be completed ahead of time on the Gatorade Free Flow Tour website or completed on-site the day of the event, with no limits on the number of participants.

Saturday's event registration and competition times are:

Registration -- 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.
Junior Jam competition-- 2 p.m.
Open Park competition -- 3 p.m. 
Dirt competition -- 5 p.m.

Entering its sixth year, the Gatorade Free Flow Tour is the official amateur series of the Dew Tour. The series holds competitions across the country throughout the summer, providing a platform for amateur skaters and BMX riders to showcase their skills. The 2010 tour consists of 47 regional events across 30 parks in the U.S., featuring skateboarding (park and vert) and BMX (park and dirt).

The remainder of the 2010 Gatorade Free Flow Tour season schedule follows:

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Dew Tour announces 2010 season, including championships in Las Vegas


The schedule for the sixth season of the Dew Tour has been announced and will include the action-sports tour's first visit to Las Vegas.

"I'm excited that the Dew Tour is going to be in Las Vegas this year," said three-time Dew Cup champion Ryan Sheckler. "I love Vegas, so to be able to compete there seems almost surreal."

Top skate and BMX athletes are vying for part of a $2.5-million purse based on overall tour standings in each of the five disciplines -- skateboard park, skate vert, BMX park, vert and dirt.

The first two events kicking off the season are sport-specific, with a park and vert skate event in Boston, followed by a park, dirt and vert BMX stop in Chicago.

The five-city tour also visits Portland, Ore., and Salt Lake City for multi-sport competition and culminates with the championships at the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas.

"All five of our host cities for this upcoming year have shown tremendous support," said Chris Prybylo, Alli Sports vice president of events and Dew Tour general manager. "We look forward to what this season will bring, and the addition of Las Vegas to the slate will make the final event of the year that much more dynamic and dramatic."

The complete 2010 Dew Tour schedule:

June 25-26       Skate Open/ISF Skateboarding World Championships         Boston

July 23-24      Nike 6.0 BMX Open                                                                     Chicago

Aug. 12-15        Wendy's Invitational                                                                  Portland, Ore.

Sept. 16-19       Toyota Challenge                                                                         Salt Lake City

Oct. 14-17        Dew Tour Championships                                                           Las Vegas

-- Kelly Burgess

Photo: Bob Burnquist competes in the skate vert finals during the 2009 Dew Tour Playstation Pro. Credit: Alli: Alliance of Action Sports

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Action sports high school anti-tobacco tour kicks off Monday in Ontario

The ASA High School Tour will kick off its Spring "Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids" schedule Monday in Ontario, Calif., with top skateboarders, BMX and inline-skating pros visiting high school campuses nationwide to perform stunts and offer students information on the risks of using tobacco.

ASA Action Sports World Tour and X Games athletes will also spend time with students, posing for photos, signing autographs and talking about how you can be cool by not smoking.

Now in its 11th year, the tour will visit one school each day, five days a week, in nine markets across the country -- including Los Angeles-area schools March 15 to 19. The events are offered at no cost to participating schools, thanks to sponsorship from ASA Entertainment, Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids and the United States Marine Corps.

"When we started this program 11 years ago, we hoped it would have the positive impact on students that we've been fortunate enough to affect," ASA Entertainment CEO Rick Bratman said.

Since the tour’s inception, the Campaign for Tobacco-Free Kids messaging has reached over 1 million students.

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Bestwick the best again in BMX Vert final

Jamie Bestwick competes in the BMX Freestyle Vert Final. Credit: Lori Shepler/Associated Press

The man had ridden twice and was nearly perfect both times. The other riders, watching him put air between him and the earth that they could not match, watching him twist and contort in those moments of seemingly endless flight, knew then that it was over.

Because it was Jamie Bestwick, the man who had won the BMX Vert gold medal two years in a row, and everybody else.

And on Saturday, Bestwick was best, again, scoring 49 (out of 50) on his first two runs, which got him gold, again, the third year in a row.

“You knew for a fact that he was going to fire out with everything he could,” said Chad Kagy, who took silver. “Just surprising that he ended up doing it with back-to-back near-perfect runs.

After those runs, though, Bestwick injured himself when he tried to pull off a switch-540. He lay on the bottom of the vert ramp for nearly two minutes.

Even then, there wasn’t much time left in the finals for the other riders to close the gap.

“I’ve heard people say it’s a forgone conclusion based on Jamie’s first run,” said Simon Tabron, who won bronze and has competed against Bestwick before. “I’ve not felt that way, but tonight, honestly…we were kind of competing for second place.

“Really from that point, unless Moses appeared next to the ramp and parted the Red Sea or some crazy miracle, we were competing for second place.”

Bestwick said he noticed in the preliminary rounds that he was getting more air than the other riders, and they weren’t quite “catching the flow of the ramp.”

And since he was riding first, the goal became to put some “serious heat on everybody, so I just blazed it straight from the off.”

Afterwards, he said he felt “a bit woozy. Couldn’t tell you a lot about what went on in the contest. I actually just watched it on ABC. It looked good. It looked really good.”

-- Baxter Holmes

Photo: Jamie Bestwick competes in the BMX Freestyle Vert Final. Credit: Lori Shepler/Associated Press

Diogo Canina wins gold in BMX Freestyle Park -- and then loses it

Cranmer Diogo Canina won gold in the BMX Freestyle Park final – and then he didn’t. There was still the final round to determine the winner, so Canina, confused though he was, got off the shoulders off a friend and had to go fetch his helmet, which he had thrown in celebration.

What happened? Most everyone was asking that. After, it was said the announcer simply made a mistake and declared a winner too early.

“Poor guy,” said Scotty Cranmer, who really won gold in the end, scoring 132 to Canina’s 131.

“I told him, instead of celebrating, you should’ve ran and cashed the check.”

In the press conference, Cranmer told Canina not to worry about his celebration being televised because a cameraman told Cranmer it wasn’t.

But it was televised, and Canina found out through his mom, who called him.

“I said, ‘Mom, did I win in the first round? Was I screaming, throwing my helmet?’” Canina said, reinacting his embarrassed expression when he found out it was televised.  

“But you know, it happens. It’s a bummer.”

“I won gold and then I won silver,” Canina said. “What about that.”

-Baxter Holmes

Photo: Scotty Cranmer competes in the BMX Freestyle Park final. Cranmer won the event. Credit: Lori Shepler/Associated Press

Injuries common for BMX riders, even in the garden

Kevin Robinson during the Big Air final.

When it comes to BMX, injuries seem to just come with the territory.

But what about doing your own gardening?

New BMX Big Air gold medalist Kevin Robinson walked away without a scratch tonight at Staples Center. But four weeks ago, a tree got the best of him.

“I was cutting a tree down with a chain saw and the branch fell, hit the ladder, and knocked me off with the chain saw in my hand and I dislocated my ankle. Didn’t even do it riding my bike,” he said.

Chad Kagy, who earned the silver medal, commented back, “See, he can get hurt doing anything.”

Even with a recently hurt ankle, Robinson had enough left in him to win tonight.

When asked how it felt to be on top, Robinson said “Um, I don’t know yet.”

The evening got off to a great start for Robinson because his wife flew in on a whim from Pennsylvania and arrived just prior to the competition. Having her there was the biggest motivation of all, Robinson said.

A big family man, Robinson has a son who is beginning to follow in his footsteps.

“My son rides BMX now too. It’s amazing shredding with your kid.”

You wouldn’t expect his son to be 3-and-a half years old.

-- Lauren Goldman

Photo: Kevin Robinson during the Big Air final. Credit: Pete Demos/Shazam/ESPN Images

X Games report: Kevin Robinson Jr., a chip off the old block

(c)Christian Pondella_Red Bull Photofiles_1612

Kevin Robinson Jr., 3, recently suffered his first broken bone and is wearing his first cast on his arm. He might be proud, except the cast is keeping him off his bicycle.

As for the Kevin Robinson, who is competing at the X Games in BMX vert and big-air, he endured his 34th surgery four weeks ago. He goes big, and earlier this summer set a world record when he soared 27 feet above the quarterpipe wall and 54 feet above ground on his bike, during a Red Bull exhibition in New York's Central Park (see top photo).

Robinson is one of many X Games veterans with children -- he also has a 4-year-old daughter named Shaye. But his son is the chip off the old block and recently removed his own training wheels, and then informed dad that he had done so.

Robinson, like other athletes, has mixed feelings about his children possibly following in his precarious and potentially perilous footsteps. On the one hand, he says, "I would rather they play golf." But on the other, he adds, "If I tell my son no, then I'm contradicting my whole life."

-- Pete Thomas


Top photo: Kevin Robinson soars to a world record earlier this summer in New York's Central Park. Credit: Christian Pondella / Red Bull photo files

Bottom photo: Kevin Robinson Jr. shows what he thinks of his dad after KR Sr.'s record-setting jump. Credit: Red Bull photo files


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