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Did Washington state hiker catch image of Bigfoot?

A woman in Spokane, Wash., claims to have caught images of Bigfoot while out on a hike with friends
in Downriver Park, on the western perimeter of Spokane.

The woman, identified only as Samantha, said on the YouTube video posted last week that, "while hiking, we accidentally caught an image of Bigfoot walking through the woods. I didn't even notice until I got home and saw it on the computer!" The video has received more than 740,000 views thus far.

Although not calling the video a hoax, the Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization says that the "Spokane figure could be a man in dark clothes" and questions the behavior of Samantha. "There may be very valid reasons for Samantha to remain anonymous, but that's not the typical pattern for authentic footage," BFRO states on its website.

The site adds that, historically, very few sightings have been reported near Spokane, with the last being in 1985 and, before that, a 1961 incident near Mount Spokane.

-- Kelly Burgess


Bigfoot alive and well and living in North Carolina

Video credit: YouTube

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Comments (13)

Fake? You are kidding me right, oh my god, that was soo real.

I live close Spokane and have had numerous bigfoot encounters over the past few years so has many of my family. so yes we have bigfoot in Washington in the Spokane area and surrounding areas. Just because we don't report every little thing doesn't mean it doesn't happen.

i think it is a man either hiking or a homeless person -- too small to allegedly be bigfoot. From all other alleged reports of bigfoot -- it's supposed to be quite tall and large, this is far from that. I would guess that this man is about maybe 6 foot tall, if that. Not bigfoot.

Did Washington state hiker catch image of Bigfoot?

Nope. No such thing.

I wonder why no one has ever seen Bigfoot close up. All the claimed sightings are from a far distance and could easily be staged. And i agree with sean as why would they tape a hike unless they were looking for Bigfoot? They even said they weren't looking for Bigfoot. Until i see a close up video of Bigfoot, i wont believe.

well my main qeustion is why in the world are they taping a hike

Golly, Almyra, seems you some how "forgot" to post evidence that there actually is something called "Big Foot." Now why do you suppose that is, clown?

Right. Debunked. Only frothing idiots believe in such nonsense.

Get over it.

Looks very hinkey to me, bet it is edited in...I knew I should have posted my lil green man video from the everglades :)

Looks like a guy in sweat pants- but maybe it is the all might Sasquatch. Just because there hasn't been very many sightings there doesn't mean that there aren't Bigfoot(Bigfeet?) Maybe they went there to escape people looking for them? And to the Fredric guy down yonder? Get over yourself.

Seriously questionable. (A) All of them are walking quietly, which if anyone here has hunted, I'm sure they would have noticed the distinctive sound of a large animal walking quickly through the forest. (B) The pace and the walking method of the creature is strange, however slightly humanoid. (C) As with nearly every questionable piece of evidence, the picture is out of focus, plus while walking through a lit area hardly anything is reflected, plus there are no distinctive features of this creature. It may not be a hoax, but it's certainly not circumstancial.

@Fredric L. Rice

Some things may exist you idiot!

1. It's possible that wild apes live in North America.
2. It's possible that there's other life in the universe-intelligent or not.
3. I'm Atheist, so I'm with you on the God one.
4. idk what a tde is.

Okay, I get it. Now it will garner a million views on Youtube--for being another fake.

The answer is no. Only frothing idiots believe in Big Foot, flying saucers, gods, trickle-down effects, all that happy nonsense, all that stupidity that doesn't exist, never has existed, and never will exist.


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