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California State Parks closures target 70 of the state's 278 parks

Tufa formations have an unreal look on Mono Lake at sunset.

Come fall, Californians could find themselves with fewer parks to visit and fewer services available at parks that are open. That was the tenor of the plan that California State Parks officials outlined Friday as they targeted for shutdown 70 of the state's 278 parks because of budget problems.

The closure plan is far from final, and if it does come to pass the closures wouldn't go into effect until September, said State Parks Director Ruth Coleman.

Coleman also raised the possibility of diminished services -- i.e., closing bathrooms, lifeguard towers and other facilities -- throughout the state park system to cut $11 million in the coming fiscal year and $22 million in the 2012-13 fiscal year. But the budget details haven't been finalized.

Times Daily Travel and Deal blogger Mary Forgione has the details, including the full list of parks slated for closure, on her post: California State Parks: Salton Sea, Palomar on list of possible shutdowns

Photo: Tufa formations have an unreal look on Mono Lake at sunset. Credit: Lawrence K. Ho / Los Angeles Times


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Comments (6)

I stopped going to State Parks in California because most don't allow dogs on trails or beaches. So, I won't even really notice if they close them. Before all these parks became so hostile towards dogs, I would visit them almost daily and had a strong sense of concern for their protection and continuation. These days I almost get angry at the sight of a State Park as I drive past their empty parking lots to find some place free of concrete to let my dog run... and I'm starting to resent paying any taxes to fund these places.

What we are experiencing with the state finances and the federal finances is the result of decades of socialist/communist mismanagement of government business. Unless American voters wake up and stop voting for socialists/communists the nation will continue a painful decent to third world status. If you doubt it, just ask someone who has escaped from a socialist/communisst country. If you like to live in a socialist/communist nation, why do you not move to one of those paradises?

Disappointing, but then sometimes the best way to preserve a bit of nature is to leave it alone.

Just some more sleight of hand from lefty loony land.

The scary part is Obama is leading us down this garden path of deficit spending, and we may be closing National Parks in a few years. Or maybe we'll just sell them to China.

Seems like an incredible political maneuver... On a 20 billion dollar deficit, they plan to close 1/4 of the state parks to save around 30 million dollars... seems like they're just trying to make the public feel the pain, without actually making any significant change to the budget. I thought that land was acquired/owned by the state to have it open to the public??? Are they planning to sell it back to the people, or use it for agriculture...?

Can they be privately funded?


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