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Texas angler shocked when 375-pound mako shark leaps into boat

Jason Kresse with the 375-pound, 8-foot long mako shark that leapt into his boat. A Texas angler landed a 375-pound mako shark, all without casting a line.

Freeport resident Jason Kresse, 29, and two others were fishing for red snapper in the Gulf of Mexico early Monday and were chumming the water with fish parts when they heard some big splashes nearby.

"All of a sudden something hit the side of the boat," Kresse told Associated Press. "He ends up landing on the back of the boat." The "he" was an 8-foot-long mako shark.

No one could even get near the thrashing mako to try to get it back in the water, and the shark ended up dying on board.

The crew didn't have a permit to catch sharks, so Kresse contacted officials on shore. Mike Cox, a Texas Parks and Wildlife Department spokesman, said that there was no violation because the shark's death was an accident.

The shark has been put on display at an area seafood company, and Kresse is getting a mount made to go with his amazing fishing tale.

"A fish jumping in your boat, 400 pounds, that's unbelievable," Kresse said.

-- Kelly Burgess

Photo: Jason Kresse with the 375-pound, 8-foot-long mako shark that leapt into his boat. Credit: Jason Kresse via Associated Press

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Comments (3)

No you don't see a nice little hook mark in the mouth of this shark. In fact the red you see on this shark is from the shark bruising it's self while it was thrashing around in our 25 ft Cape Horn boat. I figured you could tell that being from Florida and all. When the boat arrived at the dock the National Marine Fisheries agent as well as Texas Parks and Wildlife were present to inspect the shark to confirm the report of the shark jumping on the boat. And yes we did have a permit to allow us to land the shark. After we displayed the shark for a few days we cut the shark up and gave it away. Also we were not chuming for snapper. I thought you would have figured that one out since you worked in or at a aquarium . We were gutting fish and throwing them overboard. When the shark saw the guts he perceived them as a school of fish. As typical with the mako shark he came from under his prey and and hit the " school of fish" trying to stun them. After stunning with this style of attack he comes back around and collects dinner. But I figured you would guessed that one diving with sharks in an aquarium and all. So yes Kris this 375 pound shark did jump in the boat. No pranks , no gimmicks , no just trying to get 15 minutes of fame.
Just setting the record straight.
Captain Jason Kresse

If you look at other close ups of this shark you'll notice a nice HOOK in it's mouth. They caught this shark!..and furthermore--it would not be that bloody if they didn't just hook it. Grew up in Florida area and I've worked in aquariums and such for years, along with diving with sharks ---these guys came up with this fish tale cause they didn't have a permit to catch sharks. my opinion.

Sounds bogus, but I'd like to learn how big the boat was. Not sure why you'd chum for red snapper. While makos love to jump, a mako that jumped into a smaller boat could probably jump out. I need more details, man.


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