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California Department of Fish and Game offers permit-only wild-pig hunt

Wild pig on the range.

The California Department of Fish and Game is accepting applications for participation in a permit-only wild-pig hunt in May at Bobcat Ranch, located west of Winters in Yolo County's Vaca Mountain foothills.

This hunting opportunity will give 56 wild-pig hunters access to the private property during two archery periods, two apprentice periods and four general-method periods and is being conducted under the Shared Habitat Alliance for Recreational Enhancement program.

SHARE is a voluntary program in which participating property owners provide public access to their land, offering hunting, fishing and other recreational access that would not be available otherwise.

Applications are available on the DFG website and must be received by 4 p.m. on April 5.

-- Kelly Burgess

Photo: A wild pig on the range. Credit: California Department of Fish and Game

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Comments (5)

Stupidity!and Greed, If the CDF&G understood eny thing about a wild hog, the animal would be labeled a nuisance, and the people of california would be allowed to harvest the animal day or night without a (permit) or a hunting license. with a GUN!.

How gracious of the fish and Game to allow a few passes to rid a varmint pig population that's overtaking the country every where. A way of making a little money for the state and doing a service for the private ranch. Have you ever tryed hunting a wild hog with a bow.
We only hunt these critters in the winter and only smoke for 15 to 20 hours over low heat because of the diseases they can carry.


HAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA aint that the truth :)

Boxer is stunning isn't she? What's that perfume I smell? Ahhh...the sweet sweet scent of swine.

Thank you, Los Angeles Times, for the wonderful snap shot of Barbara Boxer getting a bit of sun in the great outdoors... She is a stunning beauty!!


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