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'Charlie Moore: No Offense' premieres Friday on Versus


Versus will be debuting another original series on Friday. "Charlie Moore: No Offense" will follow the avid angler, also known as "the Mad Fisherman," as he travels throughout the country on numerous outdoor adventures with celebrity and non-celebrity guests.

The 10-episode series, airing Fridays at 5:30 p.m., features the loud, brash Bostonian immersing himself in the local flavors of various cities and towns across America.

This season will feature celebrity guests from sports and entertainment, including Boston Red Sox catcher Jason Varitek, Boston Bruins goalie Tim Thomas, former New England Patriots offensive lineman Todd Rucci and NHL Hall of Famer Ray Bourque. Rickey Medlocke, guitarist for rock group Lynyrd Skynyrd, and DMC, of legendary rap group Run/DMC, will also appear.

Viewers are being invited to try to appear in an episode by completing an application detailing why they would like to be part of the show and why "the Mad Fisherman" should come to their area to fish.

"Charlie Moore: No Offense" episode descriptions through February are after the jump (the rest of the descriptions are still pending):

Friday: "Idaho Trout Fishing"

The flowing river, the log cabin bank, the tumbleweeds rolling through the potato fields; all are representative of Island Park, Idaho. There is a peaceful tranquility to the area ... that is until the Mad Fisherman and his crew descend on the town.

Feb. 11: "Lancaster, Pa. with Todd Rucci"

Charlie travels to Pennsylvania to film an episode with former New England Patriot Todd Rucci. Charlie and Todd head to Todd's private golf club, where the plan is not to play nine holes but to fish for bass.

Feb. 18: "Hawaii Bone Fishing"

Charlie fishes for bonefish and joins his local guest for an authentic Hawaiian-style home-cooked meal. However, even Hawaii is not far enough from the mainland to keep the Mad Fisherman from bringing his unique Boston attitude and style to the island.

Feb. 25: "Charlie’s Backyard, Enfield, Conn."

The cast and crew travel all over the world to exotic locations to bring the viewers the best in fishing, fine dining, and fun. But there's all that -- and more -- right in Charlie's home region of New England as they embark on an adventure filled with steak, cigars and fishing.

-- Kelly Burgess

Video: Promo for "Charlie Moore: No Offense." Credit: Versus

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Comments (4)

Love this new show!

Not sure why ESPN would drop all their outdoor shows; huge mistake on their part, but even better for us viewers because I don't know about everyone else, but I got tired of tuning in on Saturday morning to see soccer on when I was expecting "Beat Charlie Moore."

VERSUS and "Charlie Moore No Offense" are a perfect fit. The Idaho trout fishing show last Friday was awesome! Looking forward to watching weekly and keep up the great programming.

By the way, the only show out there that's not only a fishing show, but a show that entertains.

Charlie Moore is one of the greatest fisherman on TV. He has done a great job on ESPN now I'm really looking forward to more of his Versus TV.

Please notice I said TV because their a ton us out here who can out-fish him any where in Michigan . Lets start with some walleye fishing in Lake Saint Clair.

Charlie Great show , but I had to get honest, by the way are you starting to use pink lures.


I am very excited to see this show! I love Charlie Moore and was disappointed when I learned that he was leaving ESPN, and I am so happy that he has this new show on Versus!

I am excited for the first show, The ESPN show was the best outdoor show on, however, they were not good with airing times......... Charlie Moore is exciting, and I am glad that Versus is putting good outdoor material on since ESPN is SportsCenter followed by SportsCenter with Sportscenter for dessert.


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