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Snowboarder dies after hitting trees at Mountain High Resort

A 24-year-old snowboarder has died after crashing into a stand of trees at Mountain High Resort in Wrightwood, Calif.

KTLA reports that the accident was reported around 6 p.m. Monday, and that it's not known what caused the snowboarder to go into the trees.

The unidentified Fullerton man was transported to Community Hospital of San Bernardino, where he was pronounced dead about an hour later.

-- Kelly Burgess


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Comments (3)

Precisely why they devise snowboard areas for these kids. I remember at Summit, Big Bear, snowboarders almost knocked me out of orbit while I skiied. They create moguls when they slide and this is crazy. Snowboarders die when they try to swerve around trees trying to act out. Stay on course and you live.

Got impaled by a tree just like Sonny Bono. " I got you babe".


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