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Outposts looks back at 2010: Unusual news 2

December 31, 2010 | 11:00 am

With the year ending, it is worth looking back at memorable posts of 2010. Each day this week through Friday, Outposts will recount some of the records broken, the achievements reached, the notable passings and the downright unusual during 2010 in the outdoors, action and adventure world.

Hunter's ticking timepiece attracts some interesting clock-watchers

Deer seem to be checking the time in these images taken by a trail camera. Minnesota bow-hunter Doug Strenke received a surprising, and amusing, reaction after hanging up a large, white-faced clock near the infrared trail camera he installed on the property he hunts, wanting to keep track of when deer visit the area, since the cam had no time-stamp function.

The St. Paul Park, Minn., resident was worried that the clock would scare everything away "within miles." Instead, his trailcam began photographing lots of deer and, Strenke said, "A lot of my pictures show the deer looking at the clock."

Photo credit: Doug Strenke

Bigfoot alive and well and living in North Carolina

North Carolina resident Tim Peeler drawing the Bigfoot creature he had a close encounter with. Bigfoot has apparently gone blond and lives in North Carolina. At least according to Cleveland County resident Tim Peeler, who told local authorities of his encounter with the 10-foot tall creature.

Peeler thought he was calling coyotes, but instead got surprised and frightened by what -- or who -- came a-calling.

"This thing was 10-foot tall. He had beautiful hair," said Peeler.

Screen-grab credit: NBC affiliate WCNC NewsChannel 36, North Carolina

Sailboat struck by breaching whale

A southern right whale breached and landed on a sailboat off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa on July 18. The whale broke the mast and then swam away, but the boat's occupants were uninjured.  A couple sailing off the coast of Cape Town, South Africa, on July 18 got the surprise of their lives but were uninjured when a breaching southern right whale crashed onto their sailboat, damaging the vessel.

"It was quite scary," said Paloma Werner, who had been out sailing with her boyfriend and business partner, Ralph Mothes of the Cape Town Sailing Academy. "We thought the whale was going to go under the boat and come up on the other side. We thought it would see us."

Photo credit: European Pressphoto Agency


Did hunter's infrared camera capture images of UFO?

Lisa Brock-Piekarski reported images of mysterious lights caught by her infrared camera. Fort Worth-area resident Lisa Brock-Piekarski is a little freaked out by images she discovered on an infrared camera mounted at her family's favorite hunting spot.

That's not because of the deer in the foreground but because of the mysterious lights in the background to the left of the animal.

"There's nothing back there but trees and sky," said Brock-Piekarski. "There's no hills, no buildings, nothing back there. It's all flat."

Screen-grab credit: KXAS-TV / YouTube

Angler hooks catch of a lifetime -- a 25-pound coyote

Wisconsin angler Bruce Chandler hooked this coyote when the animal nabbed his fishing lure. A fishing yarn almost too strange to be believed came to light, and thank goodness the angler had a friend, and a camera-equipped cellphone, to back up the tale.

Holmen, Wis., resident Bruce Chandler was out getting some fishing in at a Mississippi River slough the day before a bass tournament when a coyote leaped from the tall shoreline grass, nabbed his lure and got hooked.

"All I thought was that coyote had my $9 frog that I had just bought and I wanted it back," said Chandler.

Photo credit: Darren Zumach

The buck stops here: Revenge of the deer

White-tailed deer. I laughed out loud while reading the editorial, "Buck Bites Back," written by magazine founder and editor Christopher Kimball in the July/August 2010 issue of Cook's Illustrated:

Over the years, a few of you have written in to say that my hunting stories are out of place in a cooking magazine. I won’t rehash my vigorous defense of this activity, but instead I offer the following narrative, told by one of our Vermont neighbors, Ryan Brown, in which the hunter becomes the hunted.

Photo credit: U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service



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