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Outposts looks back at 2010: Unusual news

December 30, 2010 | 11:17 am

With the year ending, it is worth looking back at memorable posts of 2010. Each day this week through Friday, Outposts will recount some of the records broken, the achievements reached, the notable passings and the downright unusual during 2010 in the outdoors, action and adventure world.

Toddler using Barbie fishing pole lands 20-lb. muskie

Ella Haag caught a 20-pound muskie with her Barbie fishing pole. Two-year-old Ella Haag was fishing with her grandparents at Round Lake near Randall, Minn., on May 15 when she landed her first fish, using her pink Barbie fishing pole.

Her grandfather grabbed a net and soon they pulled in a 30-inch muskie weighing in at a little under 20 pounds -- a fish bigger than the angler who caught it.

Screen grab: Fox 9 News Minnesota video


American adventurer crosses English Channel using helium balloons and a chair

American cluster balloonist Jonathan Trappe became the first person to cross the English Channel in a chair attached to helium balloons. In a stunt definitely from the "don't try this at home" category, American adventurer Jonathan Trappe crossed the English Channel on May 28 in a chair attached to a cluster of helium balloons, touching down safely in a French field.

When asked what had inspired him to make the journey, Trappe replied, "Didn't you have this dream, grabbing onto a bunch of toy balloons and floating off?"

Photo: Gareth Fuller / Associated Press


Wingsuit base-jumping video well worth watching

Wingsuit base-jumper displays some daring moves. This video, on YouTube since June, is awesome to watch. The wingsuit base-jumper displays some daring moves as he navigates cliffs and mountaintops before opening his parachute.

One thing I keep wondering is: How does one test such a suit to make sure it works as intended before jumping?

Screen grab: YouTube.com/JokkeSommer


Alaska angler catches same 200-pound halibut twice

Fairbanks, Alaska, resident Melody Dalbec with her twice-caught halibut. Fairbanks, Alaska, resident Melody Dalbec had luck on her side when she landed the same 200-pound halibut not once but twice to take top prize in a halibut fishing derby.

The fish, weighing in at half-pound shy of 200 pounds, was the biggest halibut caught during the Valdez Fish Derbies' 11-day Halibut Hullabaloo tournament.

"I’m just tickled," Dalbec said. "It's a story I’ll tell my grandkids forever."

Photo: Valdez Fish Derbies


Recreational boater finds drunk man on pool float a mile out to sea

Beau Zimmer, of CBS affiliate WTSP-TV, shows the type of pool float a man was discovered floating on a mile offshore. Beau Zimmer, of CBS affiliate WTSP-TV in Tampa Bay, Fla., reported on a recreational boater who on June 23 discovered an unconscious man on a pool float about a mile off Belleair Beach, Fla., in the Gulf of Mexico.

Coast Guard crews arrived at the area and found the man to be severely intoxicated.

"He was sitting on a small pool raft," said Coast Guard Petty Officer Brodie MacDonald. After the man came to, he "had no idea where he was, didn't know what time of day it was, how long he was out for or even how far offshore he was."

Screen-grab credit: WTSP-TV, Tampa Bay, Fla.


Skiing, snowboarding Santas hit the slopes in Maine

Skiers and snowboarders dressed as Santa head down the slope as part of the 11th annual Santa Sunday at Sunday River Ski Resort in Newry, Maine. Hundreds of skiing and snowboarding Santas were dashing through the snow Dec. 5 at Sunday River Ski Resort, dotting the slopes and lifts with red in a benefit for the Bethel Rotary Club’s annual Christmas toy drive.

The Newry, Maine, resort reported that 250 people signed up for the 11th annual Santa Sunday event, with registration filling up in 12 minutes.

Photo: Joel Page / Associated Press


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