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Kelly Slater: Evolution of a 10-time champion


When Kelly Slater won his 10th ASP World Tour championship Saturday, the surfer accomplished an incredible feat that will undoubtedly remain at the top of the Assn. of Surfing Professionals record book for a long, long time.

As two Outposts commenters opined, the powerful natural-footer is "one of the greatest athletic competitors of all time" and "definitely in the discussion of most dominant athlete of all time."

To showcase this amazing athlete, Quiksilver released the above video with a different spin.

"Evolution" tells Slater’s life story in reverse, starting with his recent win and ending with the surfer as a fresh-faced youth, with only his hopes, dreams and love of the sport under his belt.

"With a professional surfing career that spans 20 years and 10 world championships, Kelly is one of sport’s greatest athletes. We wanted to create a story around the fact that he’s the youngest and oldest world champion," said director Michael Sharp, from Santa Monica-based advertising and design agency Standard Time.

"By telling this story in reverse, we were able to pull moments from Kelly’s life to help humanize such an iconic figure. Kelly didn’t set out to win 10 world titles. He had no idea where his career would take him. He was just doing what he loved," added Sharp.

-- Kelly Burgess

Video credit: Quiksilver via YouTube

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