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Versus offers up fresh new hunting series: 'Gun It With Benny Spies'

October 6, 2010 | 10:46 am


Versus has come up with a new hunting series featuring a regular, everyday kind of guy.

"Gun It With Benny Spies," produced by Half Yard Productions, the team behind such popular shows as Modern Marvels and American Loggers, follows South Dakotan Benny Spies as he traverses the wilds of his native state with friends and family in his 1973 Winnebago -- a.k.a. the "Toaster" -- in search of the best hunting spots.

The series, airing Fridays at 6 p.m. through Nov. 26 (except for Oct. 22, when it isn't shown due to PBR Finals), follows the charismatic Spies on the hunt for whitetail and mule deer, ducks, geese, bison and more (sorry to say, I missed posting something prior to Episode 1, which aired last Friday).

Utilizing no paid guides or private hunting ranches, Spies does it the old-fashioned way -- by hunting on public land or by knocking on doors and asking for permission to hunt. Along the way, Spies and his crew make each trip an adventure.

The remaining series schedule and episode descriptions are after the jump.

Friday: Mulies & Prairie Dogs, Boy
Even though the RV is in a jam, Benny's road trip shoots into high gear, gunning for mule deer and prairie dogs. 

Oct. 15: Ruttin’ Rodeo
The rut is on, and Benny has whitetail fever. In the end, he gets a shot at rodeo glory.

Oct. 29: Hunting the Links
It's winter whitetail action as Benny hits the links on a South Dakota golf course.

Nov. 5: The Road Hunt
Geese, pheasants and mergansers make for a bird extravaganza. To top it off, Benny and the boys are taking the "Toaster" road hunting.

Nov. 12: Trading Places
After being iced in duck hunting, Benny switches gears and guides the camera crew on their first-ever hunt. 

Nov. 19: Buffalo Benny
The "Toaster" rolls north, and Benny and his crew set up to shoot his first buffalo.

Nov. 26: Are We Having Fun Yet?
It's freezing, and Benny is up for anything besides braving a blizzard.

-- Kelly Burgess

Video credit: Versus via YouTube