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Montana's 2010 wolf hunting season quota set; licenses to go on sale beginning Aug. 23

Silhouetted wolf in Yellowstone National Park.

Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks will begin selling licenses Aug. 23 for the state’s 2010 regulated wolf hunting season. On Thursday, the Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks Commission set the statewide harvest quota at 186 wolves, up from the 2009 quota of 75 animals.

Wolf licenses will be available for purchase online, from any Fish, Wildlife & Parks license provider or at any Fish, Wildlife & Parks office and will cost $19 for residents and $350 for nonresidents. Hunters must have, or also purchase, a valid 2010 conservation license.

Licenses will be valid within 13 specifically defined wolf management units for hunting seasons that are scheduled to open Sept. 4 for archers, Sept. 15 in select backcountry areas and Oct. 23 for the general hunting season. Hunters must obtain permission to hunt on private lands. 

The general wolf hunting season is set to end Dec. 31, or when quotas are reached, whichever occurs first. The archery-only season, which is scheduled to end Oct. 17, is limited to not more than 20% of the established quotas or subquotas. 

A wolf hunting season this year, however, is contingent on the outcome of lawsuits pending in court that were filed by conservation and environmental groups seeking to overturn the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service's delisting of gray wolves from Endangered Species Act protection.

-- Kelly Burgess

Photo: A wolf in Yellowstone National Park. Credit: Joel Sartore / National Geographic / Getty Images

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Comments (8)

I have livestock! I live in the Bitterroot Valley! I live in Montana. I too! live with wolves and other predators. Lets get some science in this and not raw emotion. Prior to the first eradication of wolves, nature was in balance. The eradication destroyed that balance. We have had an artificially high population of ungulates. This is not healthy nor sustainable to the riparian and other areas. However, this made for an easy hunt! Ungulates had little predator pressure to move from grazing areas. This is changing because ungulates are adapting to the Apex predator. I spend much time in the backcountry and I see ungulates or signs of ungulates EVERY time I go back there. Because of wolves we are seeing riparian areas starting to recover. More beaver to slow the passing of precious water. Song and other birds numbers are increasing.
I hear often the term of "Fair Chase". Now that wolves have stimulated elk and deer to reacquire lost habits of moving constantly hunters are having difficulty locating ungulates. Hunters need to adapt as the deer and elk have. We have a much larger cranium which affords us the ability to reason. Use it! The wolves that are located in the Bitterroot Valley are wolves that migrated to this location from the Glacier area. This is the SAME SPECIES that was first killed off in the 1920 and 1930. Wolves perform more positive unknowingly for the environment then most humans do on purpose. The statement that wolves kill people is absurd! Bee's kill more people(100) in one year then wolves have in 250 plus years! A violent, disturbing death! Think about that statement. What in nature does not die a violent death? Is it disturbing by human standards? Perhaps, but no more then an arrow hurtling and punching a hole in your chest! Or a piece of smoking hot metal tearing into you at some incredible speed! Last but not least! I too am not happy with Defenders of Wildlife. Their constant begging for money in the name of wolves is disproportionate to what is returned to further the wolf agenda. Educate and tolerate is the answer!

The Wolves must go!!!
they kill our cattle and our pets.

Living and raising a family in Montana comes with living with wolves..ALWAYS has, except for the short 50 years that humans tried to eradicate them..Montana families like us have lived alongside wolves for many centuries, and will continue to appreciate and honor the role of wolves in Montana history. The "quota" for wolf tags will bring in revenue for Montana and the wolf numbers will recover because of the great habitat Montana provides. Our family will continue to enjoy the wolf howl and all it represents.
Christine Ayers- Mission Valley, Montana

for one "no Name" as least I have the guts to post who I am, I have lived here for 43 years, grew up here, hunting is in our blood and on the table most of the winter, we call them the "offenders of Wildlife" because the are offensive people who care nothing for any animal, not wolf, deer, elk moose, or coyotes, eagles, they only care where next meal comes from, thats why these people are called what they truly are!, come live here as long as I have and you might have a voice, we live it on a daily basis, walk a mile in our shoes, and you'd sing a different tune! your the one you needs to get the facts before spouting off! damn yuppee!

first of all i agree with ladyelk second our prey and predater balance was fine without the destuctive wolves that kill just for fun we have seen so much wasted meat dead deer elk and moose mutilated and left i hate wolves we did great without them our hunters harvested every year now were lucky to harvest one in a year of anything

Ok, first off *ladyelk*(figures you would have a name like that.) I am here to say this: First off it's "defenders of wildlife" not "offenders of wildlife", you could at least get your facts straight. Second, have you ever realized that prey and predator have a natural balance on each other. Let me explain:
If a predator population hunts a prey population until their numbers decline, then the predator population will slowly decline due to lack of food. Then, the decline of predators will cause the prey population to increase. Once the prey population increases, the predator population will also follow shortly, due to the rise in food supply. Then the cycle will start again.
Third, the elk and deer population numbers anually decline dramaticly due to a hard winter. Wolves are not the only predators of the elk, no? And the elk wont be going extinct any time soon.I mean, if they do, what else will you use for target practice, oh yea that's right: wolves.
Fourth, I also live in a heavily wolf and elk populated area. Wolves often only catch something 2 out of 5 times they go off hunting any way. You obviously dont know a whole lot about wolves yourself, yet are accusing people of not knowing them.

PS... as far as hunting fee's are concerned? they should be free! first come first served!,... I think every one should enjoy a cozy pelt wrapped around their neck!, I know I'll be standing in line in Aug. to get MY TAG. Get rid of them all like we did 100 years ago! then get rid of the jerks who put them here!. open season! personally? I'm tired of hearing them howl out my back window!.
"save an elk herd kill a wolf"

Just like I wrote to the Oregonian, who has a rouge pack of a non native envasive specie of canadian wolf eating pets and livestock, the "offenders of Wildlife" are seeking legal injunctions to keep them from being shot. For any one wanting to move? to wolf country, think again, I live in "wolf" central, and have watch our local deer and elk herd cut in half this last winter, as these envaders have run out of food, they are now preying on pets, people, and what deer and elk are left. Special interest groups want you to believe the wolves are the victims, that is anything but truthful, we see the truth, we are living the truth, we are the victims, and our pets and needed livestock to make a living. The "offenders of Wildlife" should be brought up on charges for stuffing these lethal predators down our throats. The only thing they want to do is keep their cushy jobs and soak up all your hard earned federal money, want an eye opening experience go to YouTube and type in Wolves and go from there, watch how the kill, kill for fun, and disembowel scavengers for fun. There is no room for these animal now that they have eat'n them selves out of house and home.
Paula Raines Hamilton MT.


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