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Bigfoot alive and well and living in North Carolina

Bigfoot has apparently gone blond and lives in North Carolina. At least according to Cleveland County resident Tim Peeler, who told local authorities of his encounter with the 10-foot tall creature, reports the Charlotte Observer.

Peeler thought he was calling coyotes, but instead got surprised and frightened by what -- or who -- came a-calling.

"Instead of them, him," Peeler, who lives in a rural area near South Mountains State Park, told NBC affiliate WCNC NewsChannel 36.

"This thing was 10-foot tall. He had beautiful hair," said Peeler, adding that it looked like the creature had six fingers on each hand.

"I come out here and rough-talked him and run him off," continued Peeler. But then the creature returned.

Luckily the encounter ended safely when Peeler got a bit more aggressive. "I said, 'Get away from here! Get! Get!' and he went right back up that path again."

Sgt. Mark Self of the Cleveland County sheriff's office responded to the suspicious-person call placed by Peeler.

"It scared me," said Self. "This is just totally blowing my mind that they even brought it back up," adding that the Sasquatch legend has been in the county since the 1970s.

"It doesn't bother me now -- I don't think there's anything to it," Self said. Still, the sheriff's office plans to continue its routine patrols of the area. "If we see something, we’ll try to capture it and take it into custody," he added.

So campers and hikers visiting the state park, one of North Carolina’s least-developed recreational sites, be forewarned -- you might want to plan on carrying a big stick, and leaving the coyote caller at home.

-- Kelly Burgess

Video from NBC affiliate WCNC NewsChannel 36, North Carolina

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Comments (12)

Now, I swear I don't even believe in Bigfoot.
I live in Stanley North Carolina. Which is close enough that this is interesting to me. Now, coming from a person that does not follow these, "Sasquatch" stories I was intrigued because the same day this report came on the news, my boyfriend and I were running at a track nearby to paths that go through the woods. While we were there, we saw a track that was about a foot and a half long and 10 inches to a foot wide. It had six toes that were evident from the print. It was only one print in a muddy spot. It nearby where a trail from the woods exited towards the walking track and back towards the grass to another path to the woods. I came home all excited to tell my mom about it. She, of course was doubtful. I can't lie, it was strange for me, too. As I said, I am a nonbeliever. I take night classes and when I came home my mom told me that she saw a report on the news that night about a, "bigfoot type creature, spotted in Troy, NC"
I just thought it was intriguing because this print was unbelievably large as well as not shaped as a human foot.
Just thought I'd share.

i am 14 and im so interested in bigfoot... i want to really find out if he is real or not

i have seen bigfoot a lot in virgina in the wood next to my house...

Why are the racist inuendos allowed ? lol !

I dint understood a wurd choo sed.

To Stephen: You are IGNORANT.

I just want to know why this tv reporter is "slumming" for some LA ad-rag?

They always get their dogs ready whenever I meet them, I don't know if they see me as big foot.

There are no Vietnamese in North Carolina and definitely no 10 ft Vietnamese, probably some inbred blond white trash without a job. Send him to the NBA where he can make millions.

Are we sure it was Bigfoot and not an Abagoochie?

Always intrigued, always skeptical...

That wasn't Bigfoot with blond hair, it was ZZ TOP.

What I want to know is this;
Does the creature have its green card;
Is it collecting government assistance;
And is it getting that free health insurance that all illegals
seem to be able to apply for?

If the creature were to claim to be Vietnamese it could get a free car
And $10,000 to start a new business. Does the creature know all about this?


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