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Union Rescue Mission serves up wild game, thanks to donations from California and Arizona hunters

Eric Thiermann is among the hundreds who feasted on tacos filled with bear, wild pig, deer and sheep meat Monday at the Union Rescue Mission. The meat was donated by the Sportsman Channel's Hunt.Fish.Feed initiative.

Monday night's dinner menu at the Union Rescue Mission offered up a new dining experience for many. That's because it included elk, deer, wild pig and black bear -- items more likely found on the bill of fare at Saddle Peak Lodge in Calabasas than at a skid row shelter.

About 250 pounds of wild game meat was donated by hunters from across California and Arizona, thanks to the "Hunt.Fish.Feed." initiative. Sponsored by the Sportsman Channel, Hunt.Fish.Feed. is an outreach program that takes game meat and fish donated by sportsmen and uses it to help feed those struggling with hunger across America.

"We're thrilled to bring our Hunt.Fish.Feed. initiative, a program that in its first year provided thousands of the nation's hungry with nutrient-rich meals, to the Los Angeles community, especially during an economic time that finds more and more people in need every day," said Todd Hansen, chief marketing officer of the Sportsman Channel.

The Sportsman Channel embarked on a multi-city Hunt.Fish.Feed. tour in January. It is scheduled to travel to 10 U.S. cities to help feed those in need and bring awareness to the fight against hunger.

Read more about the unique culinary delights served up Monday in Times staff writer Kate Linthicum's article, An unusually meaty menu at skid row shelter.

-- Kelly Burgess

Photo: Eric Thiermann is among the hundreds who feasted on tacos filled with bear, wild pig, deer and sheep meat Monday at the Union Rescue Mission. The meat was donated by the Sportsman Channel's Hunt.Fish.Feed initiative. Credit: Ricardo DeAratanha / Los Angeles Times

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Comments (6)

@firecracker should know that under CA law (Ridley-Tree Condor Protection Act) it is already illegal for any hunter to even possess a lead bullet when hunting in the very large condor habitat zone. For the rest of those whose idea of food sources goes not beyond the local Ralphs and who would rather NOT have our renewable resources harveted to feed the needy, I suggest you read the ways that hunting helps regulate and pay for our wildlife poplulations and habitat - this is by your Dem governor and your Dem legislature: "the recognition that wildlife is a renewable resource of the land by which economic return can accrue to the citizens of the State, individually and collectively, through regulated management. Such management shall be consistent with the maintenance of healthy and thriving wildlife resources and the public ownership status of the wildlife resource" http://www.dfg.ca.gov/wildlife/ You who are outraged by hunting would rather have the herd populations expand so that all of these animals are starving? Without a top predator (wolves, mountain lions, etc) that is precisely why regulated hunting exists.

This is outrageous!!! I will spread the word that URM is participating in this horrendous activity and tell everyone I know (and don't know) NOT to support this 'charity'. The other issue is, do the recipients of the meals know what they are eating??? I am SHOCKED and HORRIFIED beyond words!

To Caroline TC-
One of cruelest and most sadistic biological holocausts of all time is simply the City of Los Angeles.
Anyone who lives or even visits there helps to perpetuate the destruction and serial killing of massive quantities of wildlife and fish.
Remember that every time you flush your toilet, two fish die; one upstream in the Delta, and another at the Outfall.
Holier than thou but clueless radical vegans are pathetic.

Why don't you bring "awareness" about the cruel and sadistic humans that you people are?

hunting cruelty compilation - Video hunters do not want the public to see.


We are having a discussion here


Wildlife serial killing monsters are pathetic!

Hopefully they checked the meat for lead from bullets used to take the animals down.

LATimes also posted that the NPS evacuated the condor chick up in the Pinnacles National Monument in order for biologists to treat the chick for lead poisoning.


$54 dollars for a meal at pretentious over rated snobby place in Calabasas, or a FREE Meal, made from the same product, with no pretexts. And who out there in LA-LA Land thinks hunter's and fisherman are beer-silling, truckdriving, white supremacists? This is better then writting a check to a homeless shelter...like alot of the westsiders do...God Bless the 2nd Amendment.


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