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New eyewear allows for hands-free video recording

50000 ikam Time for a new pair of sunglasses? You might want to check out i-Kam Xtreme eyewear, which allows the wearer to be their own videographer.

That's because each pair features a built-in video recording device, allowing for hands-free recording of your latest outdoor adventure. Be it hunting, fishing, skiing or even a ballgame, outdoor enthusiasts of all types have an easy way to record what they see, and play it back later for future enjoyment.

With no cords or battery packs required, the glasses have a digital camera incorporated into the frame, offering 4GB of built-in memory for up to 3 hours of recording, plus an integral microphone to capture all the sounds to go along with the video. The eyewear  will also accept a Micro SD card for an additional 8 GB of memory. 

The glasses can be hooked directly to a PC or Mac with the supplied USB cable to view video. When using a Micro SD card, it can be inserted into a card reader to watch footage.

"At Hunter's Specialties we’re always looking for exciting new products that feature cutting edge technology to add to our line," said David Forbes, Hunter’s Specialties co-CEO. "When we saw the quality of the video being shot by these glasses and the number of great applications for hunters and other outdoor enthusiasts, we knew this was a product worthy of our name."

Each pair comes with four interchangeable lenses in smoke, brown, yellow and clear to use in all lighting conditions. Frames are available in both glossy and flat black, RealTree camouflage and white. A hard bodied carrying case, cleaning cloth, AC adapter and instruction manual are also included.

The i-Kam Xtreme glasses should be available at most major retail sporting goods stores, including Bass Pro Shops and Cabela’s, beginning mid- to late-May.


Product Size:   170 x 160 x 40mm (folded)
Physical Weight:    1.4 oz
Speed Read:    Read - 700kbs / Write - 500kbs
USB:    2.0 (HS) PC / Mac Connection (no driver needed)
Power Supply:   Embedded 550mAh Li-polymer Rechargeable Battery
Power Duration:   2.5 to 3 hours
Power Adaptor:    5V DC/ 500mAh
Memory:    Built in 4GB,  Max 8GB, Supports Max 8GB Micro SD card
Resolution:      736 x 480 PlayBack Resolution
Video Format:     AVI
Audio:   Stereo
Recording Speed:   25 fps
Working Temp:     23F - 104F      Storage Temp:     -4F - 176F
LED Indicators:     Recording and Battery Status

-- Kelly Burgess

Photo: i-Kam Xtreme glasses in RealTree camouflage. Credit: Hunter's Specialties

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Comments (8)

This is so dang cool! I want one of these so bad. How and where can I find these? It would be great for my snowboarding or mountain biking adventures.

I really think this would be a fun gadget to use for hunting, or even just at a shooting range. It would see what I see, so if I did an awesome job of hitting the target, that's definitely something I'd want proof of, so I could watch it back as many times as I want. Also, I love shooting pistols at a shooting range, and eyeglass cameras would make for an awesome angle. You'd be able to see the little burst of flame when it fires.

Embedded 550mAh Li-polymer Rechargeable Battery

Embedded tells me that is has a non-replaceable re-chargeable battery, Can the battery be replaced after expriration, due to charging over and over. I had a Bluetooth Headset that lasted about 3 months, and the battery could not be re-placed,(Disposable)I thought it would last way longer than that, kinda gun-shy of embedded power supplies.

Kel Amacker

The resolution of these camera glasses is really good. I saw some Youtube movies made with it and this is going to be a hit.

Come on Rick,

It was the first thing I looked for. I don't go throwing my money around on the first pair of video glasses I find.

Kelly, that was funny. Frogger seemed kinda bent over a minor omission and you were so polite and responsive. I am wondering why these have been packaged as just an outdoor product. Have I just missed the memo that there are other glass-cams? Can you download the video and reuse them?

thanks for the suggestion ... I will endeavor to list prices on future Outdoor Products posts that I do, and I appreciate your mentioning that. I guess I have hesitated to do so because prices can vary and/or change.
Thanks for reading, and commenting,

The article lists everything except the price, which FYI seems to be around $170. Next time at least give us SOME idea of how much it costs...


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