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Zippo adds new products to its outdoor line

April 19, 2010 | 11:17 am
44001_StarterOpenZippo, the company best known for it's metal-case lighters, recently expanded its offerings and has introduced some "hot" new products with the outdoor enthusiast in mind.

The Emergency Fire Starter (pictured), Flexible Neck Utility Lighter and Campfire Starter join the already released Windproof Lighter, Outdoor Utility Lighter and popular Hand Warmer.

-- The campfire starter is a blend of compressed cedar sawdust and wax made of all natural, recycled material. The easy-to-pack block separates into four sections and is meant to alight even in the wettest conditions.

-- The emergency fire starter is a water-resistant, easy-to-carry kit that contains waxed, rayon tinder sticks and a flint wheel for quickly igniting and starting a fire.

-- The utility lighter seems good for lighting anything around camp, be it a camp stove, barbecue or lantern. With rugged metal construction, wind-resistant dual-flame technology, adjustable flame and flexible extended neck, this lighter also could be useful at home for lighting tiki torches, barbecues or even gas ranges and water heaters.

The new products are still being rolled out in retail stores, so the best bet for anyone who wants to purchase any of these items is via the Zippo website.

-- Kelly Burgess

Photo: Emergency Fire Starter. Credit: Zippo

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