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Another Idaho wolf hunting zone closes when quota is reached

Gray wolf.

With about two weeks left in the inaugural wolf hunting season in Idaho, a seventh zone reached its quota and was closed.

The limit of 16 wolves in the Salmon zone was reached Monday, ending hunting in that central Idaho area.

As of Tuesday, 178 wolves of the 220 statewide quota have been reported to Idaho Fish and Game, leaving 42 for this season, which runs through March 31.

Hunters are required to report a wolf kill within 24 hours, and must present the skull and hide to a regional office or a Fish and Game conservation officer within five days.

--Kelly Burgess

Photo: Gray wolf. Credit: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

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Comments (4)

If I was that type of individual would I be using my name? Attacking me only shows that the arguments that you should be making against the wolf is lame at best. You can't provide a solid science based argument so you go after the individual. Dillon... Dont hate the player , hate the game!
As for me not having a clue. I am very much up to speed with the wolf issues. I spend countless hours in the backcountry observing wildlife. I spend many more researching and prompting a tolerance for wolfs and other predators. All the best from rural Montana. Marc

Dear Mr. Cooke
There was a man that lives about 10 miles north of me in south eastern Idaho. He was out bringing in his cattle when a wolf came running out of the woods and attacked his dog. The man then shot the wolf. He was getting threats in the mail for shooting the wolf. That to me sounds like a person like you that dosen't have a clue what is going on wants to start a war.

I live in Montana. I live in a rural area and at the foot of a national forest. I have animals and I have wolfs and other predators that live near by. I make it a habit to understand the signs of nature. I can tell you when the predators (cats,wolfs and bears) are in my area.
I react accordingly by pulling my animals in closer to my home amongst other proactive actions. All of which are non lethal. Many people just let their animals free and don't pay much attention to them. So who is to blame? The predator just trying to survive? The individual who knows there are predators out there and does very little to nothing at all? I will let the reader decide!

The hunting season has had little impact in our area. We still have wolves hanging around our town. Two wolves were at the fire station last week howling at noon. Its unfortunate that folks living in big cities have no idea of the impact wolves have had on rural families.

Wolves belong in the wilderness - not in our towns!


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