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Atlantic Ocean solo rower Katie Spotz shares some thoughts from her mother

February 18, 2010 |  1:01 pm

Katie Spotz has no photos of her mother, Mary, posted, but did share this image of her onboard companion. Katie Spotz, 22, has been receiving many questions about her attempt to become the youngest person to solo row across the Atlantic Ocean. She is a wizard at answering most of them, but when it comes to the question, "What do your parents think?" she is usually not quite certain how to answer.

But Katie came up with a solution to this herself, something she has likely become adept at now that she has been rowing across an ocean alone for 47 days. 

She contacted her mom, Mary, via e-mail and asked her to contribute a "guest post" on her blog, which Katie has been keeping to update everyone on her progress.

Here's an excerpt:

I wish I could say that both her dad and I told her that, whatever she wanted to do in life, we were behind her 100%. That is farthest from the truth. I remember getting an email from Katie ... She matter-of-factly stated that she knew what she wanted to do next in her life; row an ocean. I quickly responded, "Oh, no you are not! That is crazy and way too dangerous!"

Eventually I began to realize a few things. Our children are gifts that are placed in our care for just a short time. It is our job to nurture and care for them. But there then comes that time when they grow into adults. They must make their own decisions and choices.

Some days are easier to live by this than others, but Dec. 18th proved most difficult.

This was the day Katie would leave for her adventure. It was frightening enough saying goodbye to someone who would be at sea for 70 to 100 days, but it was even more terrifying knowing she would be ALONE. 

The full post can be read on her Feb. 17 entry.

So far, Katie has raised a little more than $48,000 of her $50,000 fundraising target for the Blue Planet Run Foundation, a charitable organization that funds safe-drinking water projects around the world.

-- Kelly Burgess

Photo: Spotz has no photos of her mother, Mary, posted, but did share this image of her onboard "companion." Credit: Katie Spotz


Katie Spotz, 22, past the halfway mark in her Atlantic Ocean solo row attempt

Katie Spotz, 22, is attempting to become the youngest person to complete solo row across the Atlantic Ocean

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