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Wolf hunting-tag story gets Idaho woman howling mad

Alpha Fe Lynne Stone knows the Basin Butte wolf pack. She has been chronicling them for four years, and has given each pack member a name to identify it.

These days, however, it would be more accurate to say she knew them. Most of the pack located near Stanley, Idaho, was killed in a U.S. Department of Agriculture Wildlife Services-mandated cull last year.

So when Stone read a recent item on Outposts mentioning that she tried to pass off a state-culled wolf carcass as one she killed herself, she was a bit miffed.

"I never told them I killed the wolf, and they never asked," Stone told Outposts. "Never once did I say that I shot her. I used the words retrieved, and salvaged."

The "they" she mentions are those manning the Wolf Reporting Number, a toll-free phone number that hunters must call within 24 hours of harvesting an animal. "I was only asked if I validated my tag, which I had," Stone added.

The wolf in question -- the alpha female of the Basin Butte pack -- was known to Idaho Fish and Game as B171; Stone referred to her as "Alpha Fe."

"I learned about the shooting the week of Thanksgiving," said Stone, director of the wilderness conservation organization Boulder-White Clouds Council. "I was heartbroken but knew what I had to do. I and several friends contacted various DFG offices throughout the state asking about the legality of retrieving the wolf's body, and nobody could give a definitive answer.

"So I consulted a lawyer, and she found a statute in Idaho code that if a wolf had been legally killed -- not run over by a car, not illegally killed -- that you could possess it, and then you had to write out a statement of where you had found it and your hunting license number. In this case, since it was during wolf season, I put my wolf tag on her."

Fish and Game officials, however, rejected Stone's claim and confiscated the carcass as state property.

"This statute is what I showed law enforcement, and then they pulled out a different statute that said that any wolf that's killed by wildlife services remains the property of the state of Idaho," Stone said.

She received a warning from the department for her actions, but no other penalty.

"I did this with good intentions. I still can't believe they took her -- I thought it was all legitimate," she said.

I am pro-hunting and believe the regulations are there for a reason and need to be followed. Still, when speaking with Stone, it wasn't difficult to feel a singularly human trait -- compassion.

The law is the law though, and to allow one variance could lead to a slew of "good-intentioned" folks doing the same thing.

Stone is still keeping track of the carcass. She hopes that she can either buy it outright or attend the agency's annual auction and put in the winning bid to get her "Alpha Fe" back.

-- Kelly Burgess

Photo credit: Lynne Stone


Wolf advocate receives warning for her Idaho hunting tag chicanery

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Comments (15)

@whitetailobserver ... And, not that its true they are targeting ponies and pets on a regular basis, but you seem to think wolves are capable of making some kind of moral choice? Sounds like you think they are very, very intelligent ;D

You cannot listen to an idiot who is so anti-wolf biased that he is ridiculous.

Why would someone come up with all these Nazi theories? Because they are not capable of saying anything intelligent or rational.

"All wolf lovers are anti American Eco Nazi’s Hitler played the same game on the German people about saving the wildlife and worshipping the wolves."

"Who wants a wildland project here in American the NAZI WOLF LOVING LUNATICS."

"the Nazi are still here in America supporting the wolves."

"That the Nazi wanted a wildland project no differences between the NAZI’S then and you wolf loving lunatics here in America"

"Just like the NAZI that study was buried and the public not allow to see it. Kind of sounds like NAZI propaganda doesn’t it. Or should we talk about the NAZI way the anti American wolf lover so called expert that flew up 6 weeks after Kenton Carnegie was killed and said he saw a bear track in a picture. That sound like NAZI propaganda but then truth on the wolf issue is precious and hard to find I wonder why. Oh that right the NAZI propaganda hiding all the wolf attacks on people."

" Wolves never balance nature that is propaganda ploy to convince people to accept Nazi thinking. "

"Nope you far left wing extremist can’t handle the truth that you are in the NAZI wolf cult it is documented fact and you hate the truth."


"So all the wolf lovers are supporting the whole Nazi thinking here in America."

"Hitler called all hunters poachers. Wolf lovers call all hunters poachers wonder where they got that connection LMAO"


The idiot is so biased against wolves he is spreading around propaganda & nonsense. He is a total moron.

"When wolves wipe out prey species they turn to small towns,
rural residences, farms, ranches, camps, and summer cottages.
Starving wolves don't care what they eat.
They're not fussy and, they most definitely
will eat humans."

Lynn Stone should be brought up on charges for trying to tag a wolf she did not shoot.She should also have a full investigation into her on ranchers compensation. You see there was scientific study done on the wolves and they found out that only 1 out 7 wolf killed livestock was confirmed wolf killed. That means the ranchers have to pay for the other 6 out his own pocket. Not counting the countless missing calves slaughtered and never found. It is crime to have Lynn Stone in charge of compensation to ranchers when in fact she is part of Defenders of wildlife whose main goal is to drive ranchers off the land. This woman need to be investigate and charge with fraud. The State of Idaho needs to charge all the wolf lovers a special tax and pay the ranchers for the slaughter of their livestock. So why is LATIMES BLOG giving this woman any time? Not to mention that myth of wolves balance nature has been exposed as a complete and utter fraud. One only has to look at Yellowstone northern herd and you can learn that the wolves have wiped out 75% of the elk, the moose completely wiped out of the park. Enough of this wolf fairy tale protect our wildlife get these wolves under control.


Sounds like your a Vick supporter. Which, of course, qualifies you as a complete loser. The animal that kills for a living doesn't have the opportunity to choose it's profession as Vick was able to decide to torture and kill dogs. Your not too bright are you? To compare Michael Vick's actions to that of a woman trying to save a wolf for whatever reason is ignorant. Oh yeah, learn how to spell.

Not one word in here about what this pack & Alpha Fe were up to before they went after them. Most of you have been so disnified by this animal and can't see the forest for the trees! This animal kills for a living....be it your neighbors pet pony, your uncles dog, or aunt sallys cattle....it don't care. All of these depredation are just as or more horrific then Michael Vicks dog fighting..... And the people, that protect this non-endangered non threatened excuse of an amimal are the very same people that made laws to convict MV. What a bunch of hippocrates......

Lynne....you are questioning my credibility...that is funny!!!!
Keep up the good work....

Joe - your comment is a lie from start to finish.

This is the fourth time Stone has violated Fish and game laws...she has now admitted to 1-Harassing game animals 2-Unsafely discharging a firearm into the air 3-Interfering with legal hunts 4-illegal tagging of a big game animal.....

Lynne Stone has more fish and game infractions that all 25,000 licensed wolf hunters combined.....

Stone you are doing more damage to your cause than any hunter could do...Keep up the great work!!!!

Janice and others, Sheryl is absolutely correct when she states that these and other wolfs killed by the Government agency Wildlife Service are not applied to the hunting quota. If you think this is terrible its going to get far worse for the persecuted Idaho wolfs. I am hear reports that explain that Idaho will not reach its kill quota for wolfs this season. Idaho and Wildlife Services are planing to locate with the help of radio collared wolfs their den sites. They will then visit the densites and slaughter the blind and defenseless wolf pups till they reach the quota number wanted. If this bothers you like it does me please check out this web site. Howlingforjustice.wordpress.com


You have missed the point. This wolf was shot by Wildlife Services as part of a control effort and was not included in the "harvest" quota. None of the wolves shot by Wildlife Services count toward the harvest goal established by the Department of Fish and Game, nor do kills that fall within the following categories: illegal kills, protection of livestock, "other," and unknown cause of death.

The hunt "goal" in Idaho for the 2009-2010 wolf hunt season is 220. According to the December 2009 Fish & Game report, as of December 31, 2009, 135 wolves had been "harvested" toward that goal of 22o. Also as of December 31, 2009 and never to be included in the harvest goal or total are the following wolf kills or deaths: control actions -- 87, illegal kills -- 13, protection of livestock -- 6, other -- 8 and unknown cause of death 24.

Lynne's goal was to get a "control kill" included in the harvest total -- saving one wolf from harvest -- and she was adhering to a statute in the Idaho Code. I applaud her effort.

One final note -- the alpha female wolf was wearing a radio collar when she was shot from a helicopter and a winged aircraft. The Wildlife Services personnel retrieved the collar and left the wolf carcass. She was one of 7 members of her pack that were killed that day.

With her actions she attempted to ensure that this animal was counted twice against the quota. That was illegal. Therefore, she acted against federal take and state hunting statutes. It was a deliberate attempt to falsify data and skew results.

Why did the official(U.S. Dept of Agriculture or Idaho Fish and Game)who killed the wolf leave the carcass in the first place?? THAT is my question. Bad enough they had to shoot the animal, but to just leave it there is disrespectful to nature and just wrong IMO. Wouldn't have this issue with Miss Stone or the ensuing negative feedback.

We're talking about Idaho, which along with Montana, qualifies for the most backward states in the U.S.
There's a cultural hostility towards predators that
begins with the livestock industry which controls wildlife management, right on down through the Game and Fish Agencies. Idaho Fish and Game, along with Montana Fish Wildlife and Parks are extremely hostile towards all predators, especially wolves, which they look at as threats to their budgets because wolves and other predators eat the animals that hunters want to kill. These agencies can't sell as many hunting licenses so" kill the wolves" is their solution.
It doesn't matter to them that wolves, lions, bear etc have just as much value to the non-consumptive user of wildlife, namely the "wildlife watcher", of which there are many more than hunters.
Even more influential in the control of these agencies that are supposed to manage wildlife based on science, is the power of the livestock industry, otherwise known as the "welfare ranching industry" because of all the subsidies and handouts they receive from taxpayers. This welfare system and their political power needs to be destroyed before there is meaningful change in the way our wildlife is managed.

Its my belief that the wolf should be returned to Stone. She followed the law that the State had set in place. However the hatred by Idaho Fish and Game towards wolfs and I suspect Stone to some degree will trump them (IF&G) and their ability to do what is legal and correct. The only avenue I see for the return of this creature to its rightful owner is to shame and embarrass them into doing so! Sad state of affairs at the Idaho Fish and Game Department in my opinion.

My question to Ms. Stone is: "Why did you call the harvest hot line number if you didn't intend for this wolf to be counted against the quota?"

The law states you can only tag what you shoot for a reason.


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