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Capt. Phil Harris, of 'Deadliest Catch,' shows improvement after suffering stroke

Capt. Phil Harris with sons Josh, left, and Jake, right.

Phil Harris, captain of one of the crab-fishing vessels featured on the Discovery Channel series "Deadliest Catch" is showing sign of improvement after suffering a stroke Saturday.

Harris was transported to a local medical facility, where he has been resting comfortably.

His sons, Jake and Josh, have released the following statement regarding their father's condition:

"No one ever said Captain Phil Harris wasn't tough. Today, dad showed some good signs of improvement, squeezing our hands and even summoning his trademark Captain's bluntness. We are encouraged but still very cautious."

"It is a long road ahead, but it's made more bearable and comforting knowing your thoughts and prayers are with us. We are strong because of you -- our fans. Thanks and we will continue to update you as best we can going forward."

Harris suffered a stroke while in port offloading his vessel, the 128-foot Cornelia Marie, which he has captained for 18 years. His sons work as deckhands on the boat.

-- Kelly Burgess

Photo: Capt. Phil Harris with sons Josh, left, and Jake, right. Credit: Discovery Channel


Capt. Phil Harris, of 'Deadliest Catch,' suffers stroke

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Comments (28)

With Gods help Phil Will Be Ok. I know how they feel my grandparent both had a stroke and its real tough. All i can say is my prayers are with tou . Keep the faith . Tony

Dear Jake and Josh,
I am so sorry to hear about your father passing. I love Deadliest Catch and I have been watching it as a dedicated fan for years. Phil was one of my favorite Captains. And I am heartbroken over the news about your father. He had so much charisma and positive and loving energy for his work on the boat and for his crew mates. He will be missed even by people who never had the honor to meet him. His legacy will live within the two of you.
Many blessings,
Tatum Villa-Stockard

I am extremely sad to hear about Cpt Phil Harris. He was my favorite on the Deadliest Catch. He reminds me of my own Dad. He will be sorely missed!!!! My heart truly goes out to his family. Jake and Josh, I'm sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family. I know the show won't be the same but be strong, that's what your Dad would want and know that he's watching over you. (-=

Jennifer Johnson

y wife and i will miss you, Phil. You and Capt. Sig are the reason that we watch the show. We will continue to watch it but it just will not be the same. RIP Capt. Harris, we love ya.

All who view the crab fishermens ordeals each week will miss Phil Harris on the show, his quick wit and determination was legandary to be sure... Phil Harris was a perfect example of our fore-fathers and the determination they all showed and had as wellm as used to settle this great country we now live in ... Sadly the determination he as well as the olthers show in every episode ils lacking in todays working men and women for the most part... It is also these missing traits that will lead up down the path to certain destruction and collapse ... WAKE UP EVERYONE, IT SOON WILL BE TO LATE TO GET BACK TO OUR RIGHTFULL PLACE. PHIL KNEW THIS AS DO MANY OF THE OTHER FISHERMEN.... YOUR STRUGGLES ARE OVER PHIL FOR THIS I ENVY YOU , TAKE CARE ON YOUR NEW JOURNEY, AND REMEMBER MAY THE DEVIL NOT KNOW YOU ARE MISSING UNTILL 2 HOURS AFTER YOU ARE GONE... MIKE PERKINS UPSTATE n.y. 12117

What a loss we have all suffered. Phil captain of the Cornelia Marie was an awesome person to watch learn from. I would like to give my condolences to his family and all of his fishing buddies. I watch Deadliest catch over and over again because I enjoy ALL of the info and the cast of fishermen. I only wish Phil could have left this world in the sea as every fisherman would like.
Phil, I say a prayer to you and yours. You will be greatly missed.

R.I.P Captain Phil!!!

I watched the show all the time can"t beleave it.Iam sorry Four your loss,My PRAYS are with you all,going to miss him alot. GOD BLESS

Sorry to hear of the passing of Capt. Phil. May God watch over him and his family in this time of grief. Love the show and thought he was a great dad.

News Release was that Phil lost his fight for life tonight. He had a stroke on Jan 29, 2010.

We have been fans from the beginning and have enjoyed the interaction between all the Captains and their crew. We along with others wish you strength to face the challenges that a stroke brings. We are confident that the love and strength from your family and dear friends will help you. Each of us wishes we could help you .... Keep the wind to your back and the sun in your face. Take Care ... Jolynn and Cynthia

We are praying everyday for Phil's recovery. This mishap has truley been an emotional upset for all of his family and friends. Hang in their boys and the crew he will BE BACK in his ROUGH AND TOUGH WAYS.
Phils # 1 fan from Reno,
Carol & family

Hi Phil, All of us here at Lynnwood Cycle Barn are thinking about you and praying for your fast recovery! You got alot of life ahead of you so take a rest and have a full recovery! See you in Seattle!

Kim Boltz and the Gang from Cycle Barn!

By the Grace of God Phil was in port and not in the middle of fishing up a string in a storm. Hopefully a fortuitious beginning and timely response will herald a pleasant ending. Hang in there Phil.

Hey Capt. Phil!!!!!!!!

Glad to hear you're doing better. Everywhere in town I went people were stopping each other and asking if they had heard the news about you. (I live in New York)!!!!!!!
Hope you get better fast, and don't let those boys get on your nerves! HAHAHA.

KEEP IT UP PHIL! SHOW 'EM HOW A CAPTAIN DOES IT! Be strong my friend my prayers are with you and your family.

U da man Phil. Ur the toughest Capt. on the show. i know ull pull through this. Good Luck.

Go Phil! Yay!

Great news! I pray for continued improvement. It will be a long and sometimes slippery road but keep strong like I know you all are. Love to all!

Phil and family, We are praying for you all. We feel as if we know you, and can't stop thinking about this. Phil, STOP SMOKING!!! We love you guys.

I am a huge fan of the show thanks to my belated brother I unfortunately lost last April unexpectedly at the young age of 47. My prayers and thoughts are with you through this tough time. I know it will be a long road ahead. Keep your chins up and thoughts cheerful for your dad. Smiles always Jewels. Fitchburg,MA

I am so sorry to hear of Phil's stroke. My prayers are with him each day, and to Josh and Jake. I look forward to each Cornelia Marie's appearance on the show; and know that Capt. Phil will have a speedy recovery and back at the helm real soon. - Al Jones

so glad to hear the old bird is doing better. you guys are in our prays. keep strong.

Hey Dude...all the best...you are my favorite Captain on the show

My husband and i are big fans of the show, and we pray every day for Captain Phils recovery. Him and his sons our in our thoughts. He is a tough guy and he is goiung to pull through this. A lot of people out here really care.



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