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Sea Shepherd vessel Ady Gil has bow sheared off after being struck by Japanese whaling ship

he Sea Shepherd's ship Ady Gil (foreground) after it was rammed by Japanese whaling vessel Shonan Maru 2 (background) in Antarctic waters.

The clash between the anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Japanese whalers turned ugly today after one of the conservation group's vessels was struck by a whaling ship and severely damaged.

ANTARCTICA_WHALING_Burn The Sea Shepherd's new trimaran Ady Gil had its bow sheared off and was taking on water after it was rammed by the Japanese vessel Shonan Maru 2, which has been tailing the Sea Shepherd flagship boat Steve Irwin since it left port en route to Antarctic waters to try to disrupt Japan's annual whale hunt.

Sea Shepherd reports on its website that six crew members on the Ady Gil -- five from New Zealand and one from the Netherlands -- were immediately rescued by the crew of another Sea Shepherd ship, Bob Barker, which arrived on scene Tuesday.

They added that while none of those aboard Ady Gil were injured, the damage to the vessel is catastrophic and that it's unlikely that it can be salvaged.

The conservation group states that this "unprovoked attack" has been captured on film -- Animal Planet has a film crew onboard the Steve Irwin, shooting footage for the third season of the popular "Whale Wars" series.

Thankfully, nobody was killed, but this serious clash may be a portent. This was the most severe encounter between the two interests, and they have not yet even reached Japan's fleet of harpoon and processing vessels.

--Kelly Burgess

Photo: Sea Shepherd's trimaraan Ady Gil after it was rammed by the Japanese whaling vessel Shonan Maru 2, in the background, in Antarctic waters. Credit: JoAnn McArthur / Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

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Comments (181)

The only thing that will stop this nonsense is a coordinated consumer level boycott of ALL THINGS JAPASNESE. Next up - a consumer boycott of ALL THINGS CANADIAN in recognition of the current and projected future damage caused by the Alberta TAR SANDS which the Canadian government refuses to slow down or even acknowledge that there is a problem. As a Canadian who is concerned about the damage caused to our planet by Canadian climate policy a US consumer boycott of products derived from Canadian heavy bitumen would get their attention and force change.

I don't support whaling, primarily because whale-based products are anachronisms produced solely for the unevolved. However, the Sea Shepherd folks got exactly what they wanted at this stage: a dramatic confrontation with the Japanese on tape. When/if they reach the actual whaling ships, they will attain their Holy Grail: human martyrs dying for the whales -- again, on tape. Sick, and not in a good way.


This is in the Sports section? Very odd.

The Sea Shephard Conservancy's claims that the Shonan Maru suddenly and agressively rammed this much smaller ship are preposterous.

Small boats (the Ady Gil seems like a ~50' vessel) shouldn't harass a 175' vessel like the Shonan Maru 2. Cut across the bow of a moving vessel enough times, and eventually you'll be struck. It's like dashing across the street in front of a moving bus - it has the potential to end very badly for the runner.

The Sea Shephard Conservancy should remember that their operating actions put this vessel in harm's way.

Sea Shepherd = eco-terrorists.

The Sea Shepherd idiots got what they deserved.



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