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Sea Shepherd vessel Ady Gil has bow sheared off after being struck by Japanese whaling ship

he Sea Shepherd's ship Ady Gil (foreground) after it was rammed by Japanese whaling vessel Shonan Maru 2 (background) in Antarctic waters.

The clash between the anti-whaling group Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Japanese whalers turned ugly today after one of the conservation group's vessels was struck by a whaling ship and severely damaged.

ANTARCTICA_WHALING_Burn The Sea Shepherd's new trimaran Ady Gil had its bow sheared off and was taking on water after it was rammed by the Japanese vessel Shonan Maru 2, which has been tailing the Sea Shepherd flagship boat Steve Irwin since it left port en route to Antarctic waters to try to disrupt Japan's annual whale hunt.

Sea Shepherd reports on its website that six crew members on the Ady Gil -- five from New Zealand and one from the Netherlands -- were immediately rescued by the crew of another Sea Shepherd ship, Bob Barker, which arrived on scene Tuesday.

They added that while none of those aboard Ady Gil were injured, the damage to the vessel is catastrophic and that it's unlikely that it can be salvaged.

The conservation group states that this "unprovoked attack" has been captured on film -- Animal Planet has a film crew onboard the Steve Irwin, shooting footage for the third season of the popular "Whale Wars" series.

Thankfully, nobody was killed, but this serious clash may be a portent. This was the most severe encounter between the two interests, and they have not yet even reached Japan's fleet of harpoon and processing vessels.

--Kelly Burgess

Photo: Sea Shepherd's trimaraan Ady Gil after it was rammed by the Japanese whaling vessel Shonan Maru 2, in the background, in Antarctic waters. Credit: JoAnn McArthur / Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

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Comments (181)

its funny because all these months later we really know the captin of that ship scuttled it for more reaction when it got played on tv

they really are no better than the walers

Comments are moderated? Gee what ever happen to freedom of speech? I dont care who is killing off the worlds endangered species, japanese, africans, americans, it doesnt matter what matters is that all you simple minded people who think "who cares" realizes that from the most simple of one celled organisms to the apex preditors, they are all part of a balance, a yin and yang, a positive and negative, etc. if you disrupt the balance by eliminating anything you may not see it but your children will feel the effects or even their children.
Now as far as the Ady Gill, Pete, you lost your boat, your maritime baby and myb son and I am deeply sad for you. What you did after the fact was completely constituted and within your rights, your lit a fire inside of me I cant explain. New Zealand: SHAME ON YOU!!! "both parties at fault" seriously? Whose pockets got filled on that one? What dirty filthy low lifes do you have making decisions in that beautiful little rock you dont deserve to live on? Why is it that Australia and even America turned a blind eye? Sure we all saw it on the news but our governments didnt spring into action! WHY!!???!! Do we need to remind those pompus politicians who REALLY run a democracy? Why do we sit by and think because its all over the news and papers its actually getting handled? I wrote to Obama, asked him why the captain of the whaling ship wasnt prosecuted!!! Its all over the internet plain as day Pete did nothing wrong! What does it take to get people interested? D E M O C R A C Y!!!! hello worl wake up and get involved cuz the japs are just the begining, $$$$$$$ money money money $$$$$$ is running our countries!

To see what really happened in this incident, look at the Japanese video instead of the nonsense commentary and video that the Sea Shepherds released. In the Japanese video you can clearly see that the Ady Gil accelerated (notice the dramatic increase in turbulence at the rear of Ady Gil) when the Japanese vessel was close to it to force the collision. The Sea Shepherds intentionally caused this collision. The Sea Shepherds are a criminal and terrorist organization and no one should be supporting them. Bob Barker and the others that are donating huge sums of money to this criminal organization should face criminal charges as well.

Am I the only one that sees this "accident" as a fraud, a planned, staged and performed scene in a struggling TV show?

treat them the same as they treat those defenseless mammals and every country should stand united in the stopping the cold hearted MURDER of all whales period..........

Not only are Japanese fishermen killing whales, they're also ramming into other people's ships. This is absurd!!! The Sea Shepherd people only want to protect the whales, soemthing that I wholeheartedly agree with, I think the Japanese whaling ship the crashed into the Sea Shepherd ship should compensate them for the cost of the boat.

staged event? nothing mentioned in either the article or what you've just said proves that this was a staged event. If you going to make a wild accusation, at least offer up some real evidence to substantiate your point.

We would like to congratulate Sea Shepherd and Animal Planet on a fantastic staged event for television - perhaps one of the best staged disaster moments of 2010.

As production people ourselves we know the hazards and very real dangers of staging live disasters for television. It's a highly technical world only professionals can effectively operate in.

Multi-million dollar staged disasters are often canceled at the last minute due to OSHA compliance or studio fears of death and dismemberment. Sea Shepherd on the other hand have found a way to circumvent all of the requirements for staged disaster television by only allowing all volunteer crews and staging the event against non paid, non union, Japanese whalers.

By-passing all clean environmental requirements for television productions by producing this man made disaster in the Antarctic ocean was another master stroke. The clean up of several thousand gallons of bio diesel spilled by the Ady Gil and retrieval of the vessel from the sea floor would have cost Sea Shepherd and Whale Wars production millions if this disaster had been filmed in the USA.


Managing to move Sea Shepherds $2 million dollar vessel Ady Gil into the path of Japanese whalers was a stroke of nautical timing by a seasoned captain who knew his vessel, and the direction wind, waves, and engines were carrying it. Catching the whole thing on video from the Bob Barker at just the right angle was pure reality television.

We were doubly impressed with the witty and show branding quote from SSCS Paul Watson immediately after the stunt "Now we're in a Real Whale War!" reminding the global audience that this is, after all, Must See TV!

Sea Shepherd Conservation Society have proven to be much evolved from the earlier staged days of Paul Watson being shot by Japanese whalers. In terms of production quality and emotional leverage that staged event was not one of the top three of the 2007 reality television season.

Kudos again to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and Animal Planet for once again leading the way to a new decade of reality television. The disaster staging keeps getting better and better, and your circumvention of all production norms and safety regulations allows your organization to literally shoot for the moon.

We're looking forward to more man made disasters in the coming months!

The Sea Shepherd said Ady Gil sank in the icy waters off Antarctica. Wrong.
Ady Gil is still afloat leaking fuel and polluting the pristine Antarctic environment.
Sea Shepherd abandoned Ady Gil.
Protecting oceans around the world? Absurd. Australian media's silence is also funny.
Paul Watson's claim
Ady Gil leaking oil

Yay- I wish that the Ecoterrorists had gotten arrested for recklessly driving in front of a huge boat. If i were captain of one of the Whalers as soon as they touched my ship i would open fire on them - with real guns- not wimpy water cannons. It would be perfectly justified.

Pretty sure we'll see this soap opera played out in greatly over-hyped detail soon on the Discovery Channel. Wouldn't suprise me if this was all engineered to boost ratings for "Whale Wars". Sea Shepherd has been in bed with the network for some time - providing self-aggrandizing, viewership-sponsored international piracy in exchange for publicity and a "megaphone to the masses".

The Japanese don't only kill whales, they also tried to kill the Sea Shepherd folks. It is caught on tape as evidence. If the Japanese goverment doesn't step up, then we should send the marine, the next time that ship will enter Australian or New Zealand territories, and arrest those bastards and lock them up for the filthy crime they commited.

In the meanwhile we should boycot all Japanese products.

Even I know not to play chicken with a bigger ship... dumb adult.

Americans and Europeans, stop eating beef please. Cows are sacred, gentle and smart.

"They are trying to hurt the whalers, if not physically, then financially. They are terrorists, plain and simple. There is no effort on my part to link them to OBL, people draw their own conclusions, but they are ecoterrorists, and should be identified as such. They are using sabotage for ecological reasons. No matter how you cut it, by definition they are terrorists."

By your definition, any non-violent means of resistance can be considered terrorism if it causes financial losses to the entities toward which it opposes. By this logic, boycotts are terrorism. Striking can be considered terrorism. Civil disobedience can be considered terrorism.

Obviously, with your logic the word "terrorism" doesn't have a meaning any longer. In the international media, I have yet to have heard of a terrorist that used exclusively non-lethal means for achieving their objectives. Think about it? Are their any jihadies firing off stink bombs? Shooting benign lasers? Trying to take down an airliner on Christmas day using confetti?

The only exception to this is when the term "eco-terrorist" is bandied about by the corporate interests that only have their own profit at heart.

Shonan Maru deliberately turned starboard instead of port? It's a very typical visual illusion.
The wake of the Shonan-Maru is not straight. (0:39-0:43 Shonan Maru's video) Apparently she was turning port to avoid the collision.
0:15-0:20 The wake of Ady Gil tells us she was accelerating not stationary. It is clear they waited and then drove Ady Gil in front of Shonan-Maru.

Helping whales by endangering the human lives is ridiculous. The ends do NOT justify the means.

Sea Sheperds is a conservation organization enforcing laws that are already established. In various geographic locations, there is no one to enforce the laws.

They are the only ones who have stepped up to challenge the barbaric and antiquated practice of whaling.
The crew is 100% volunteer and the organization has been protecting the cetaceans and pinnepeds of the planet for a few decades.

The advent of "Whale Wars" on Animal Planet serves to finally shed light on the illegal and abhorrent activities of whaling. Only when the public becomes aware of such abominable behaviors of fellow Men can change occur.

Keep it up Captain Paul and Crew. Hats off to you!! Thank you.

I admit it, I did not look at all angles. I only watched the Sea Shepherd's version when I formed my opinion about culpability. After watching the version from the Shonan Maru, it is clear, the Shonan Maru is 100% at fault. Ady Gil is not moving, if she is, it is very very slowly. Ady Gil did not stop in front of Shonan Maru because from the Shonan Maru's video you can see AG is far enough to starboard and that the Shonan Maru had plenty of room and time to turn to port. The right angle of the water canon from the starboard side of SM demonstrates this further. The video, from the Shonan Maru shows that she deliberately turned starboard instead of port. The Shonan Maru purposefully rams and runs over the Ady Gil. There is no other conclusion.

Hey a63, very funny. It is always acceptable to work a Melville reference into a maritime story.

Awskinny, the starboard boat has the right of way even if it is more maneuverable. This only changes when the boat is so large, like a tanker or cargo ship, that it cannot easily change course. The Shonan Maru, although larger, could have easily maneuvered to avoid the collision. This incident was a ridiculous game of chicken.

Actually, the Ady Gil has the right of way. It is on the starboard. The Shonan Maru does not qualify as a large vessel with highly limited maneuverability. The Shonan Maru should have given way. However, the problem Ady Gil has is that even when you have the right of way, unless you are in a sailboat race and you'll worry about the protest later, you have the obligation to avoid a collision even when you have the right of way. Viewing the video from the front angle shows that the Ady Gil never attempts to avoid the collision and that the Shonan Maru actually slightly turns in towards the starboard vessel. There is no innocent victim in this collision. I also find it interesting to note that the Shonan Maru was not whaling but following Sea Shepherds.

Australia and NZ don't want Japan whaling in the Antarctic. Australian courts have ordered Japan to stop whaling in the Antarctic. However, Australia and New Zealand have been reasonably critical of Sea Shepherd, as well. In fact, it can probably be reasonably argued that the tactics of the Sea Shepherd have hurt the diplomatic approach that both countries have tried to take with Japan. On the other hand, the Sea Shepherds have brought awareness to a problem that outrages many people, particularly those of Australia and New Zealand who have put pressure on their government representatives to take a stand against whaling for their nations.

What they haven't done is proclaimed Sea Shepherd to be terrorists. There are many reasons that it is not appropriate to claim Sea Shepherds to be terrorists. I personally object to the sort of casual shouting out of "terrorism, terrorism". Using this sort of a term, while cheapening the term and overbroadening the definition, also reduces a very complicated situation to absolutism.

We can argue the etymology of words all day long. However, shamu steak, you firstly said terrorism. Then you used the definition of ecoterrorism as the definition of terrorism. As I said before, it is political rhetoric to call Sea Shepherds terrorists in order to draw false analogies to people who blow other people up. You've since refined your terms. I would argue that the term ecoterrorism is not a term that is descriptive or objective because of its extreme subjectivity and its origins in common usage from anti-ecological political perspectives. The word's very existence can be directly traced to anti-ecological points of view.

Also, within this argument, terrorism is used to simplify the problem and assign blame to the Sea Shepherds and excuse the Japanese because people don't like Paul Watson or environmentalists or left wing politics. The Japanese are using loopholes to continue industrial whaling in the Antarctic and the people who have a vested interest in that area do not want them to do so.

The smaller faster Ady Gil is supposed to give way to the larger vessel. And even common sense should tell you the Ady Gil caused this crash because the boat is smaller faster and more manuverable the Shonan Maru 2, there is no way the Japanese boat could have intentional rammed the Ady Gil. So regardlees of your opinion is on whaling, it is obvious that the Sea Sheperd and Ady Gil crews planned this collison and took precaution so that the crew of the Ady Gil would not get hurt.

Its amazing the amount of people here who support the aggressive action of the Japanese ...



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