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Saltwater fish count for Southern California, Jan. 5

Attention anglers: Outposts will attempt to post the daily Southern California saltwater fish count, courtesy of 976-TUNA, each evening. Hope you find it useful:

Daily Wrapup Boats Anglers Fish Audio
H&M Landing 1 20 149 Yellowfin Tuna 96 Yellowtail 35 Dorado  
Seaforth 4 59 175 Giant Squid 1 Halibut 17 Calico Bass 6 Sand Bass 3 Sculpin  
Dana Wharf 2 44 10 Calico Bass 38 Sand Bass 83 Sculpin 7 Perch 40 Sand Dab  
LA Harbor 1 17 32 Calico Bass 3 Sculpin 11 Perch play
Redondo 2 26 25 Calico Bass 98 Sand Bass 35 Sculpin  
Virg's Landing 1 13 30 Rockfish 21 Bonito 14 Lingcod 65 Red Snapper  
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Comments (2)

The Red Rooster returned from a 10 day trip.

Am I reading this right?? How is H&M getting tuna this time of year and where are they getting them??


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