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Elk hunter killed when tree snaps and falls on tent

Skylar Stock, 27, was killed during a hunting trip Monday, when a tree fell on his tent and crushed him during a heavy storm. An elk hunter was killed in a freak accident Monday night when the top of a 70-foot pine tree snapped during a storm and fell on the tent in which he was sleeping.

Skylar Stock, of Queen Creek, Ariz., was on an elk hunting trip with a friend when the tragic accident occurred. The area -- about 20 miles east of Camp Verde, Ariz. -- was being buffeted with winds above 60 mph when the tree broke off about 20 feet above the ground and fell on the tent, killing Stock.

Stock's hunting companion was uninjured and called 911 after cutting his way out of the tent.

Gerry Blair, a Coconino County Sheriff's Office spokesman, told the Arizona Republic that a weather station closest to the site reported winds of 66 mph at the time of the accident. He also said that the tree had an obvious ant infestation where it had broken.

The 27-year-old Stock was a Tempe, Ariz., firefighter and is survived by his wife and three children all under 5.

"He's just one of those kids who endeared himself to you," Mike Reichling, a Tempe fire department spokesman, said of Stock. "He was just eager and willing to do anything to get the job done."

Reichling said the department will be offering support to Stock's family now and in the coming years.

"He left behind a lot of responsibility with those three kids. We're a family and we're going to treat them as family and we're just going to take care of them," he said.

-- Kelly Burgess

Photo: Skylar Stock, 27, was killed during a hunting trip Monday, when a tree fell on his tent and crushed him during a heavy storm. Credit: Tempe Fire Department

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Comments (14)

Most of these posts sicken me, heartlessly, self-righteously putting Skylar Stock down in his moment of tragedy. This man very obviously had more character in the tip of his little finger than you all have in . . . I will leave it at that.

Those who knew him are infinitely more qualified to describe this very decent, wonderful family man:

"He's just one of those kids who endeared himself to you," Mike Reichling, a Tempe fire department spokesman, said of Stock. "He was just eager and willing to do anything to get the job done."

May God bless and be with Skylar's family in their moment of loss and with his wife and three children.


their are no sush thing as "hunting accidents" it's called karma.

What goes around comes around...

It is so sad that people are looking at the hunting aspect of this story. This family is grieving - this man was not a pedophile and did not eat puppies for breakfast - I can see why 'activists' get a bad name. Life is not so black and white people, vent your frustrations somewhere else.

To Sandcastle, Bull, and CTC,
So you never leave the house, lest you tread on an ant?
I am sure you hold the same contempt for every employee and every patron of every supermarket and [almost] every restaurant?
Killing "For recreational purposes" INCLUDES eating your take, to do otherwise is strictly ILLEGAL.
Exactly how does a prosperous fireman [or any city dweller] eating meat bought at Safeway escape your wrath, or perhaps the Karma you ascribe to will befall every human except those who agree with you?
Your belief is nothing but naked religious zealotry.


Personally, I despise hunters and hunting and fishing.
I do not necessarily condone the elation over his death, and the family consequences, however, he was taking life/lives. You make massive assumptions that there is a "God", and many do not believe God of any kind put animals here to be tortured and killed, hunted, etc. In fact, I believe if you incite suffering of any kind, you are inciting evil, whether against human, animal, whatever.
You speak of the past and no protests, but those were barbaric times of slaughtering native americans and of conquest. I could not imagine vegans tearing across the wild west shooting native americans or anything. In times of Pythagoras and others, veganism and vegetarianism was not uncommon. So while I can empathize with the sadness and sheer sorrow for the kids and his wife, I would not use such absurd evidence to support your argument, and firefighters can afford to feed families and have no need to run around shooting defenseless beings, who by the way, are no less important than humans, look at how you have messed up the planet. Animals have not, humans have. Dumb.

One word...Karma. I don't have any sympathy for an individual that shoots innocent animals. And yes, I am a vegan....
What goes around, comes around.

This is my cousin's husband. He was deeply religious and took life seriously. As a firefighter, he was doing more to save lives and futures than most people. He was a hunter, but always respected the fact that he was taking the life of an animal and thanked God for the opportunity to bring home some extra meat for his family. Trust me I've seen the freezer. This is how people fed their families for years and years; no one protested then. Wildlife was put on earth for man.
To concentrate on the fact that he was hunting and to care more about the life of an elk who will not positively impact or save other lives in this world is childish and thoughtless, and wholly disrespectful to his wife and young children who are left alone.

Shame on you.

Listen to the cry of this elk when shot then left to die overnight


You think we care about your kind? You are all monsters who kill for recreational purpose.

Awww too bad. One less wildlife serial killer is a saved Elk, deer and other wildlife. Have fun with Lucifer scumbag!

Are you people really that heartless and cold? Maybe if he was someone you knew you wouldn't be saying such things. He was a loving, and caring father who loved his kids and would do anything for anyone. So the next time you make a comment about something think before you say it!

Geeze, again mr. awesome is way out of line.
How can the Mods allow such postings?
It may be that he is a Vegan who is suffering delusions due to the totally un-natural diet he ascribes to.
More likely he is just a hypocrite who thinks the meat in Ralph's and Safeway does not come from a living animal.
Either way he is certainly convinced that because he recycles his bottles and cans, that he is not part of the ongoing environmental catastrophe that is the city of Los Angeles.
In any case he is off his rocker.

Need proof of what a sorry paper LA Times is??


To allow the previous post online proves it.


In dictionary awesome can be found under heading lowest lifeform on earth.

After so much bad news this year, I find this story to be rather refreshing. One less gun nut to worry about.


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