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Zac Sunderland lends hand as sister Abby prepares for solo global sailing voyage

November 11, 2009 |  9:15 am

Zac on Abby's boat Where in the world is Zac Sunderland?

Outposts posed that question often while the Thousand Oaks teenager was circumnavigating the planet by himself aboard a 36-foot sailboat appropriately named Intrepid.

Zac has been back on the high seas, off the East Coast, helping younger sister Abby, who recently turned 16, deliver her 40-foot sailboat to Florida, where it will be shipped to the West Coast so she can take her turn at solo global sailing.

Abby's voyage, unlike Zac's is planned to be a nonstop, unassisted journey across the Southern Ocean.

Clearly, though, her adventure has already begun. She writes on her blog:

"Sailing with Zac has been an experience... and I'm still trying to decide whether or not it's a good one! He's taken advantage of there being no mirrors on the boat and I very rarely wake up without some drawing on my my face. He also has taken great joy in little things, like my mortification at watching him wash a cup with salt water and a dirty sock. But despite how annoying he is, its really good to have him with us out here."

To be sure, Abby's around-the-world odyssey will be a lonely endeavor without big brother aboard.

-- Pete Thomas

Photo: Zac Sunderland at the helm of the 40-foot sailboat Abby Sunderland will try to sail around the world. Courtesy of Abby Sunderland

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