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Skateboarder Mike Vallely in fracas at hockey game

News item: Mike Vallely, a legendary figure in the core skateboarding universe, is arrested after a brawl at the end of a Friday night Anaheim Ducks hockey game (a video has already been posted on YouTube). The fight begins when player Scott Niedermayer tries to toss his stick to a girl in the front row as a friendly gesture. Niedermeyer stares in disbelief through the glass at a group of people struggling for the stick, including Vallely. The Ducks reportedly have disassociated themselves from Vallely, who's a die-hard fan and had blogged on the team website.

Reaction: Perhaps the Ducks ought to discontinue the practice of tossing sticks to fans. This so-called fight was mostly just a struggle over a stick intended for a girl who might have been Vallely's daughter. Not to defend fighting among fans, but can you blame him if this was the case? That said, Mike V.'s rebellious acts have appeared in other videos and so have his fights -- the skateboarder/rocker is semi-famous for another fight video in which he takes on four people at once and beats them to a whimper. 

Were the Ducks right to yank Vallely's blog and will they be right if they also pull his season tickets, as they're reportedly considering? I wasn't there so I'll reserve judgment. If you were present or have any thoughts, please chime in.

-- Pete Thomas


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Comments (16)

Nice detail, i am a fan of Mike V and the Ducks.

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I am a fan of Mike V and the Ducks. If anything it was amusing to see this event unfold in front of my eyes. Most of the fans in attendance cheered when the fight started as did I and my daughter. In hind sight I agree that letting Ducks security handle it would have been the smart thing to do but as a father of a little girl I understand how the heat of the moment can make you react unreasonably. This was not Ice Capades but an NHL hockey game. We are entertained by this stuff here. Free Mike V!


By your logic then it would be excusable for people attending a boxing match to punch eachother if they disagreed on something, or for two people to put eachother into choke holds at a ufc fight. Let's all punch eachother when we feel slighted in the least bit, it's a smart and rational way to deal with things.

It's not to say that the guy who was trying to take the stick was in the right: he wasn't, but that doesn't entitle anyone to attack someone else. In a legal sense there was no actual "theft", and nothing that couldn't be disputed verbally between these two. But as others have suggested, Mike V is known to attack people with the smallest of provocations, he's not someone you'd want to steal from surely - but he's also not the type of person most people would want associated with their business. Simply put, if that guy wanted to sue the Ducks franchise, I'm quite sure he'd have a case.

Hockey captains aren't the ones who can fight, they're the ones who can think.

mike v is a badass. hahah hockey is one of the most violent sports out there. at most he should get 5 for fighting.

It's funny how the Ducks are trying to distance them selves from this one, maybe it's because they have a whole lot more to lose if the guy in the blue shirt decide to sue. From the link on his last blog, Mike V and his sponsor Element were about to launch a big cross branded skateboard and shoe collaboration with the ducks logo on it. It looks like Mike V is very much officially involved with the team. I think he should be banned from the games, violence is never acceptable in a public arena like that, if the stick was in fact for his kid I'm sure that the Ducks paid security could sort it out with out him having to beat up another ticket holder.

mike v is almost 40, he should be old enough to realise he didnt need to continue smashin his face once the girl had the stick... btw im a mike v fan and always have been, but seriously fighting over a mistake like this??? I just lost so much respect for him.

"yes, its ridiculous for a father to violently react to 99% of situations with violence, espeially in front of his daughter. "

Are you kidding me? At a HOCKEY game? One of the most VIOLENT sports? Mike V and most fans don't go to these things to watch people hug it out. They go for the action and the violence that goes along with it. The bloody fist fights and the penalties that come soon after.

Fact: The stick was given to the little girl. The guy in the blue shirt stole it from her.

ANYONE, and I don't care if you're the most pacifist person on the planet, would pummel anyone trying to take away your little daughters property on the spot. You will not sit there and type BS about being a good role model whe someone has stolen something from your family. ESPECIALLY your daughter.

The guy got what was coming to him for stealing the stick. He's lucky he didn't end up in the hospital. Mike V is the last guy you want to steal from.

The idiot who tried to snag the stick deserved to get popped in the nose. Support Mike V- sign the petition to get his blog back- http://www.ipetitions.com/petition/free_mike_v/index.html

Joey - "they knew he's fought before, so why is he not allowed to protect his family?"

Seriously Joey, protecting his family? There was no threat to anyone until Mike latched onto this guy and started pummeling him... I realize that this is the sort of things hockey fans love, but the only danger to his family was initiated when HE started fighting, not when some douchebag tried to steal a stick from a kid.

If Mike V had a brain (which is up for arguement), he would have incited the crowd to call this guy out and shame him into giving the stick back. That would have been both smart and blog-worthy.

Having been involved in skateboarding for almost 20 years I've seen this guy's descent into becoming what he claimed to hate (jocks) way back in the Public Domain days. Of course Anaheim is going to distance themselves from a public figure who beats on their fans, does anyone actually think what he did deserves to be lauded? Let's not forget Bertuzzi and other violent scumbags that tarnish an otherwise great sport.

To Hugh Jordan: since when are you a family therapist and are suggesting help for someone else? Scott CLEARLY points at the Mike's daughter, and even states it after he gets back to the bench for the interview "it was for the little girl" hmmm... but the guy didn't know? c'mon now, don't be so stupid. and apparently you've known him for quite some time to be saying "he's needed counseling for quite some time." Everyone handles situations in their own way. Mike is VERY family oriented and i have nothing but respect for someone who stands up for their family. not to assume, but you sound like the coward who would hide back in the corner and step away from any confrontation. And how is Mike the only one arrested for "fighting in public" when the other guy is clearly punching back. As you all saw, Mike wasn't fighting himself in public so... i don't see the logic there... and to David, you don't know him as a person so you have no right to call him a scum. Nice assumption though, take another guess. he's one of the nicest, coolest, most down to earth guys you will ever meet... if you ever get the chance to. and to Mike A., im positive no one at the ducks games are gonna say "hey is that the guy who..." because most of the people who do see him at the games go up to him and say hi or have an actual conversation with him and GET TO KNOW HIM before making ridiculous assumptions about someone (not to name any names from the comments on this article). I back Mike up 100% and the duck's need to re-think their decision instead of acting on a moment's notice. Everything posted about the fight immediately after it happened was just saying how he fought because he's had the tendency to do so before. No, its because they messed with his FAMILY. for 1) yes he is known to fight, but 2) as i said in my first comment, is he not allowed to protect his family? yeah its a hockey stick, but tell me whens the last time you saw a famous athlete give something away and there NOT be a scrum for whatever they gave away? Please comment back. i'd love to hear what you guys have to say...

Yes, the Ducks are/would be right if they pulled this scum's season tickets.

But the Ducks or any other NHL team should not stop the practice of giving out sticks to fans. This is a way for the players to connect with fans. Just because a group of people were stupid and started a fight, doesn't mean a fight breaks out every time a player gives away a stick.

Now it's getting dangerous going to sporting events in Anaheim. Fight at a Ducks game, shooting and fight that caused a death at an Angels game.

this is messed up. the guy in the blue shirt shouldn't have tried to grab the stick. it was for a little girl. mike v is known for fighting. the ducks definitely should not have pulled his blog it is ridiculous

I was also there. The guy in the blue shirt had no clue it was meant from someones daughter. And, the guy in the blue shirt never did anything but grab the stick, and then gets knocked by Mike V. Any swing that the guy in the blue shirt took was to defend himself. I've seen the video over and over as well. Hence why he was not charged but Mike V (for Violent) was. The stick should never had been speared into the crowd like that. Of course you are going to have a handful of people go for it. Mike V took it too far, like his history shows. Yes, remove his blog and his new apparel line in conjunction with the Ducks. Ducks should have nothing to do with him. As for his seats. If he paid for them, let him keep 'em. This way when he shows up at the games, he will walk with his tail between his legs and be know as..."Hey, that the guy....." fill in the blanks.

yes, its ridiculous for a father to violently react to 99% of situations with violence, espeially in front of his daughter. Mike V. has always been violent, is a terrible role model and should have never been able to blog for an NHl team by their rules. Didnt a football team owner just get fined for his actions? Mike V.s an extended member of the franchise, so to speak, if he is blogging, he is representing them. His off ice actions should be taken into consideration , as well as his bad temper. Hes needed counseling for a long time and now is as good a time as any for it. DSS needs to investigate his home life as well as the safety of his daughter. He reacts with violence to everything . Shame on him and the ducks for allowing such a cretin to be an active part of their franchise.

This is so stupid. I was there and the little girl was his daughter. if you watch the video, right before Scottie throws the stick over the glass, he points to a little blonde girl wearing a ryan getzlaf jersey. that's mike's daughter. his wife actually catches the stick and right as she grabs it, some other idiot decides to be selfish and snatch it from her hands when Scott CLEARLY points at the little girl, mike's daughter. Is it so wrong for a father to protect his family and get back what was rightfully his? He tried to get the stick back for his daughter and the idiot in the blue shirt started swinging and mike is the WRONG person to swing at (as you can tell from his other videos online of his fights). then some other lady starts hitting mike too, which i'm guessing she was with the idiot. Ducks cutting ties with him is absolutely RIDICULOUS. they knew he's fought before, so why is he not allowed to protect his family?


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