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Skateboarder Mike Vallely in fracas at hockey game

November 21, 2009 | 10:02 am
News item: Mike Vallely, a legendary figure in the core skateboarding universe, is arrested after a brawl at the end of a Friday night Anaheim Ducks hockey game (a video has already been posted on YouTube). The fight begins when player Scott Niedermayer tries to toss his stick to a girl in the front row as a friendly gesture. Niedermeyer stares in disbelief through the glass at a group of people struggling for the stick, including Vallely. The Ducks reportedly have disassociated themselves from Vallely, who's a die-hard fan and had blogged on the team website.

Reaction: Perhaps the Ducks ought to discontinue the practice of tossing sticks to fans. This so-called fight was mostly just a struggle over a stick intended for a girl who might have been Vallely's daughter. Not to defend fighting among fans, but can you blame him if this was the case? That said, Mike V.'s rebellious acts have appeared in other videos and so have his fights -- the skateboarder/rocker is semi-famous for another fight video in which he takes on four people at once and beats them to a whimper. 

Were the Ducks right to yank Vallely's blog and will they be right if they also pull his season tickets, as they're reportedly considering? I wasn't there so I'll reserve judgment. If you were present or have any thoughts, please chime in.

-- Pete Thomas