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Video: Fried fish that still breathes -- a delicacy or downright distasteful?

I'm a longtime angler who occasionally kills a fish for dinner, but I would not be able to stomach eating a fish in the manner portrayed by Chinese diners in the accompanying video, which has been a popular draw on YouTube.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals, as expected, has spoken out against the practice of eating fish from a plate while the fish is still alive and breathing -- which is increasingly common in some parts of the world.

A PETA spokesman called it "disgusting" and added:  "Every decent person should be shocked when anyone mocks or abuses a helpless dying animal."

It's just a carp, some might say. But frying the fish on its side while keeping it alive and breathing when it's placed on the plate seems cruel, and the giddiness of the diners makes it that much more unappetizing. Your thoughts?

-- Pete Thomas

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Comments (4)

this is totally downright ugly. Those people who are still eating this fish are low level scum of society, totally psycho and mentally ill. They should be given some mental treatment. Restaurants selling such disgust and morally wrong (animal Abuse) food, should be shut down.

People in this video still laughing and eating this fish proves to the world that in this country we should not hope for good things like animal rights, human rights or moral rights.

May GOD let those people feel the same thing that when they are alive something is eating them. Amen.

Absolutely shamefull. Has the human race lost all respect for dignity and the preciousness of life? Eating meat is one thing...making and arrogant and ignorant mockery of living breathing creature is another. We have lost so much of our sense with nature..

I think it's disgusting and just shows the kind of twisted people who live in this world. What? Are fish expendable because they have no vocal cords to scream or howl in pain?

Can you imagine being seared or fried alive while you get eaten? Would you still feel indifferent if this was a small puppy?



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