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Sea Shepherd unveils futuristic vessel as weapon against Japanese whaling

Earthrace, now named Ady Gil, will be used during Sea Shepherd's upcoming campaign against Japan's annual whaling effort. The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society held a fundraiser in Los Angeles on Saturday and unveiled the Ady Gil: a sleek and speedy trimaran that is expected to bolster the group's effort against Japanese whalers in the Southern Ocean below Australia.

Formerly named Earthrace, the vessel is powered by biodiesel and can reach speeds of 50 knots and deflect harpoons. It was renamed to reflect its benefactor, Ady Gil, who helped acquire the futuristic-looking boat.

Sea Shepherd will launch its sixth campaign against the Japanese whalers in December from Australia, using the flagship Steve Irwin and the Ady Gil to disrupt efforts by whalers to kill and process minke and fin whales. 

It would be interesting to see the expressions on the faces of the whalers when they first glimpse the Ady Gil.

Japan hunts the whales annually in the Antarctic region using a research loophole in the wording of an international moratorium on whaling.

-- Pete Thomas

Photo: Earthrace, now named Ady Gil, will be used during Sea Shepherd's upcoming campaign against Japan's annual whaling effort. Credit: Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

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Comments (10)

Skip your poem reeked of stereotypical BS....If you knew anything about the U.S. you would know that Sea Shepherd is one of the few charities that have no ulterior motive, men and women choose this way of life because unlike you they cannot stand around idly while living creatures are terrorized and murdered. There is no separation of nations only those who are apathetic and those who feel that having such apathy is not an option. Educate yourself before you generalize a whole bunch of people, and keep in mind that Sea Shepherd has crew from all over the world, it's an act of being a conscious and caring human being and nothing more...SAVE THE WHALES

I wonder.

I wonder what would happen if the Japanese actually did research on whales, rather than using the international agreement loophole to hunt them.

I wonder if my use of the words "the Japanese" in that last sentence bares much resemblance to the reality of whaling in Japanese culture.

I wonder how much support these whalers actually have among the Japanese population as a whole.

I wonder if some Americans are pinning this whole dirty industry on the whole of Japanese society when in reality the Japanese are a great people who value life and nature, and the whaling industry is much more akin to our own veal and lamb meat production here in the U.S..

I wonder if a way could be found to encourage the people of Japan to end this unnecessary and cruel practice without demonizing them all.

I wonder.

@ roberto

Yeah thank goodness for charities. It's too bad the good ones are having their name sullied by the Sea Shepherds of the world. I'm not sure how you reconcile your sympathies with the fact that one day somebody may consider your life to be the cheap, expendable one as they attempt to impose their subjective beliefs on the world. Maybe you don't think that deeply.

"furthermore, i truly hope that one day, you too will see the wood for the trees"

I have no clue whatsoever what you mean by that.

@ amrit

well, thank goodness for charities

- the world needs *many* more like minded ones

i, like other sane citizens, wholeheartedly/freely/eagerly support their mission financially/morally/spiritually

furthermore, i truly hope that one day, you too will see the wood for the trees

@ IceClass

may i respectfully suggest you seek professional help ASAP

...before it's too late

Whales are food too.

The Japanese are entitled and should be encouraged to eat other species than North Americans and Europeans.

Their scientific whaling is sustainable too.

The world needs cooperation and mutual tolerance to meet the challenges of the future not money grubbing culture wars funded by rich hippies.

I'd send $100 to any group that pledges to sink the anti-ecological food fascist Sea Shepherds.

except amrit the SSCS is not a terrorist group -unless you subscribe to GW Bush's definition. A freedom fighter is one that the US supports- a terrorist is one that could cut off oil suppllies to the US. SSCS only exist because no government has the balls to take the Japs on.

The Earthrace accidentally killed an innocent man on a fishing boat. A speeding vehicle can cause a tragedy. I hope Sea Shepherd crews know that.

Fantastic, do the Japanese whalers really think that it will be business as usual in Antarctica in December. The world is fed up with this wholesale slaughter and it's shameful that only the brave sea shepherd crew have the guts to stand up to these poachers.

Strange Charities

The USA has got strange charities,
Call themselves shepherds of the seas,
Men with families pray they don't get hurt,
Uncle Sam says it's charity work.

Americans gather around their TVs,
Like rustic yokels around lynching trees,
The yuppie cause, the sacred cow,
Makes it all OK somehow.

The gullible, the ignorant, feed them lies,
Then go out and terrorize,
Pirate flag flapping in the ocean breeze,
The USA has got strange charities.

- Skip Allan

The United States must be the only country in the world where you can get tax deductible charity status for your vigilante/terrorist group.


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