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Pamela Anderson joins PETA in anti-seal hunt ad campaign

Pamela Anderson poses in the new PETA tee-shirt. Pamela Anderson is in Canada today to help launch a new anti-seal hunting ad campaign by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals.

Anderson will be making an appearance at the Ontario legislature in Toronto to call for an end to the annual hunt, which takes place every spring on the eastern coast of Canada.

"I can only hope that by bringing attention to the slaughter, the international outcry will force the Canadian government to end this shameful practice," Anderson said in a statement.

The advertising campaign will feature the Canadian native as well as other celebrities wearing PETA's "Save the Seals" T-shirts.

Ads will appear in entertainment magazines and on blogs beginning this fall, to focus attention on the hunt and to keep pressure on the government year-round instead of just during the hunting season, when protests are expected.

--Kelly Burgess

Photo: Pamela Anderson poses in the new PETA T-shirt. Credit: Gabriel Bouys / AFP/Getty Images

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Comments (13)

Re: "The bottom line is that this is a limited annual hunt and that the industry is risky, hard work, especially in warming conditions where going onto the ice to find these animals is extremely dangerous work."

Good, hopefully after a few more hunters fall through the ice and drown, it will become even less desirable "work". And why do you call it "culling"? Shouldn't it be "killing"?

You Canadians are bitter that Pamela had enough sense to leave Canada long ago. She's lived more than half her life in the US now, so don't worry about her embarrassing you--you do that every year all by yourself. And don't give Pamela and PETA so much credit for making this story as big as it is every year--they wish they had that kind of global influence. It get's so much attention, because millions around the world think it's time for Canada to join the 21st Century.

nasty celt.... send your comment to rick mercer report or 22 minutes ...or put it on a t shirt..it's great

Okay then, let's talk about the truth instead of the sensationalism PETA gives this year after year with a bunch of celebrity faces who have never even visited the East Coast of Canada, nor have any idea of the hard facts and stats of what they're rallying against.


The bottom line is that you are talking about an industry that culls an animal that is in great abundance. They also live in the wild. Perhaps you should look at the cattle, chicken, or pork industry which intentionally breeds, cages, and slaughters animals at a much wider rate than the annual seal hunt that culls a limited amount of animals.

This story is consistently large year after year because of the dramatic impact the blood of cute animals has on an icy white backdrop. And consistently the criticism comes from people abroad who have never set anywhere near this industry nor have any practical understanding of what's actually going on.

The bottom line is that this is a limited annual hunt and that the industry is risky, hard work, especially in warming conditions where going onto the ice to find these animals is extremely dangerous work. No one is hunting seal for easy cash or fun.

I would be more than willing to provide real, actual images of what goes on despite PETA's disinformation. In the meantime, enjoy that chicken sandwich.


People are dying of starvation and in wars everyday and Ms. Silicon is worried about seals?? It's not like they are endangered. Let's send a PETA platoon to Afghanistan so they can see some real suffering.

Chris, what you say is true but It's also true that young harp seals lose their white coats (and their protection) at about 12 to 14 days of age. After that, they're fair game for hunters, although they're usually about 25 days old before they're hunted. Most harp seals taken are under the age of three months. Young yes, whitecoats no so don't try and pass them off as adult seals. Face the truth about what you're defending.

After filming the ads Pamela and the seal went clubbing.

how ironic.... the woman spends her life promoting how to exploits women and she got the gaul to mention violence towards women in other parts of the world. she is a contributer to the cause of so much hatred towards women.....and the ongoing self hatred women have for thenselves. these type of people are so afraid of growing old.she is so shallow and desperate... and the poster is quite exploitive from where i sit. seductive....oh yeah i know -she is probably saying- i will just exploit myself and get alot of attention so we can save the seals ...then can she really have that much of a thought process going through her mind at one time....naw... i heard she got her breast implants using seal blubber.... it IS a rumour now but mmmmm ...could be true right ... i mean with all those seals ...lots of blubber in her boobs , more than the blubber she spews out of her mouth.... yep i too am embarrassed to hear her say she is canadian

Who better than Pam Anderson to protest the slaughter of defenseless baby seals? I mean, she IS Canadian, after all. And she's an expert at getting attacked/clubbed/stuck by wacking sticks. Makes sense.

Canadian white Trailor Trash talking out of her arse AGAIN!!!!
Pamela , please shut up , your embarASSing Canada AGAIN!!!

Darn , we in Canada were really hoping Borat would take her to Uzbekistan and keep her there forever.

It's nice to see that so many wealthy celebrities are in favor of abolishing the lively hood of so many hard working individuals. I have never heard of any of them coming up with any kind of alternative way for these people to earn a living, or offering any kind of employment to these people.
But you know what? To heck with people! We need to save the animals and let families starve! Down with the seal hunt! Let em lose their homes!

As a Canadian I join millions of other Canadians who are disgusted and ashamed of Pamela Anderson.
We hoped she would stay in Hollywood and not return.
If we cull any animals we should start with this brainless bimbo!

Wow. Still, after being corrected on numerous occasions, PETA persists in using disinformation to push its agenda. White seals (pups) have been banned from the hunt for decades, but they still continue to sensationalize the issue by using knee-jerk images that are meant to evoke emotional reactions.


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