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Youth fishing program sponsors bone marrow drive for 4-year-old

Maya*Updated to correct spelling of Maya Chamberlin's name.

The 976-Tuna Youth Fishing Program is sponsoring a bone marrow drive hoping to find a match for 4-year-old Maya Chamberlin of Torrance.

Maya was diagnosed Sept. 14 with hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis, a rare disorder that, without treatment, is usually rapidly fatal. Even though it's not cancer, she will have to undergo chemotherapy.

"All we need is a quick and painless swab to see if you are a match," said 976-Tuna founder Philip Friedman.

Maya is the niece of Dr. Dave Patel, who is involved with and has done much for the youth fishing program, which introduces children to the enjoyment of saltwater fishing and hopes to instill in them an appreciation of nature and the marine ecosystem of Southern California. Many participants have never had the opportunity to go out on a boat or drop a line into the ocean.
A little about Maya: She is an avid reader and some of her favorite books include the Berenstain Bears series, "Amelia Bedelia" books, and "Green Eggs and Ham" and other Dr. Seuss titles. She is also passionate about recycling and the environment in general. 

To help, e-mail Philip at Philip@976-Tuna.com or call (310) 328-8426.

-- Kelly Burgess

Photo of Maya courtesy of 976-Tuna

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Comments (6)

To get on the registry is so simple, and I urge everyone to join! Praying for Maya and her family.

Theresa (mom to Joey, who has LCH; aka Langerhans Cell Histiocytosis)

Thanks, all, for the notes.

Phillip - thank you for the generous opportunity to speak to your audience on your radio show Sunday. It was a thrill and a fantastic opportunity to speak to a large community. My goal is to create a tsunami of marrow registrations, and you have provided a lot of wind in our sails. Thanks again!



Thank you for giving us all the opportunity to help. We are going to keep Maya in our hearts and keep working hard until we find a match. I must say that the response we are receiving renews my faith in mankind. You are all so wonderful and giving. These words fall short but for now, all I can say is THANK YOU

I was going to point out how Maya will likely need a match from Indian decent as bone marrow is extremely DNA specific but Jo couldn't have said it better:

"It'd be great if every eligible person could join the bone marrow registry. Even if you couldn't be a match for Maya, you could be a match for someone else in a similarly dire circumstance."

It'd be great if every eligible person could join the bone marrow registry. Even if you couldn't be a match for Maya, you could be a match for someone else in a similarly dire circumstance.

As all data for bone marrow transplants is kept anonymous, you'll never know if you matched Maya. The process is painless, easy and fast, so please, join up.


mom to Diana, who also has HLH, aka, hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis

Thank you Phillip for doing this for Maya.

Please goto www.marrow.org and click on "Get Involved" then click on "Attend an Event" to find a marrow drive near you.

You can register via mail: check out www.marrow.org and click on "Join the Registry". It's FREE!

Thank you all!


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